List of Diablo Immortal . Character Classes and Skills

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Blizzard has revealed a bit more about the Diablo Immortal character’s world, setting, classes, and skills. The game will launch with six character types of Demon Hunters, Necromancers, Crusaders, Necromancers, Monks and Barbarians, along with their epic skill sets.

Some of their skills have power-ups, others are modified from the original skills and there are also new ones. Many of their skills are heavily influenced by how players use them in RPGs Diablo Immortal on mobile devices.

list of lops and manuals for diablo immortal

Information and skill sets of characters in the game

List of characters and skill sets in Diablo Immortal

1. Barbarian

The Barbarians, as warriors have a sacred responsibility to protect Mount Arreat (and Worldstone) from invaders. Barbarian, the typical melee master wielding immense power and weaponry, his skills a true reflection of human nature.
– Ancient Spear: Throws a spear that deals damage and stabs enemies.
– Hammer of the Ancients: AoE wide area attack, units within the circle will take damage.
– Whirlwind: Swing your blade out, dealing massive damage to surrounding enemies.

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2. Necromancer

Command legions of the undead who manipulate life and death. The priests of Rathma in Diablo Immortal seek to bring balance to the world. They use their power over life and death to keep Sanctuary untouched by the devil, heaven.
– Command Skeletons: Enhance their attack and defense, command Skeletons to attack the enemy
– Corpse Lance: Summon bones from nearby corpses to instantly attack your enemies. You need a corpse for this, it shows up
and they will shoot down the strap when you specify by pressing your finger on the phone.

– Skeletal Spikes: Summon bones from the ground (no corpse needed, it will spawn). They rose from the ground in a cone, sweeping everything in their path.

list of lops and manuals for diablo immortal 3

3. Crusader

A colossal and wrathful statue, faith is the Crusader’s weapon. Distinguished by their wickedness and impregnable armor, the Crusaders roam the lands, taming evil wherever they go and dominating the battlefield through absolute trust.
– Blessed Shield: Throw the shield in one direction. It will attack all enemies on the way and on the way back, and will also pull any surviving monsters towards the player.
– Sweep Attack: Sweep around the circle with your weapon, which can be pressed and held until the mana bar fills up to unleash maximum power and reach full range, or release earlier for low damage and shorter range.
– Falling Sword: This ability has two phases. On first use, you’ll mark an area with godly power, dealing damage to anyone it hits. You can then use the skill again or wait until the time runs out, and you will automatically jump to that location again, dealing extra damage.

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4. Wizard

A rebellious wizard of magical power. Wizards manipulate natural elements to attack enemies from afar, disintegrating their enemies until they disappear, freezing them until their bodies shatter, or burning them to corpses.
– Meteor: Summons a massive meteor that falls from the sky, crashing into enemies dealing massive damage.
– Teleport: Teleport to a specified location, location
– Lightning Nova: Creates a wave of electrical energy, striking nearby enemies with destructive lightning.

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5. Demon Hunter

Unrelentingly alert and attacking from afar, Demon Hunters are trained killers with tragic pasts, their families destroyed by the hateful men of Hell. Demon Hunter attacks the enemy until their prey is annihilated.
– Rain of Vengeance: Attacks an AoE area with an arrow from the sky for a few seconds, dealing continuous damage.
– Daring Swing: Swings on a rope to a nearby location, dealing damage to enemies along the way while they can’t attack you.
– Knockback Shot: Fires a beam of magical energy that damages and knocks enemies back.

list of lops and manuals for diablo immortal 6

6. Monk

Monk, a nimble, invulnerable warrior and master of martial arts. Lightning-fast attacks and unparalleled maneuverability are Monk’s specialty, they bombard their enemies with a barrage of blows.
– Dashing Strike: Rush forward, move through and attack any enemy in your way.
– Cyclone Strike: An attack that spins and pulls nearby enemies towards you, followed by an intense blast of energy.
– Seven Sided Strike: Quick raid among nearby enemies, dealing 7x damage than normal attacks.

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Above are all the character classes, the skill system of each character in the game Diablo Immortal. If you are interested, you can join Sign up for Diablo Immortal before, the super product ARPG game on mobile.

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