Check out the new characters that will appear in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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Instead of merely graphical improvements, the world of Final Fantasy 7 Remake also expanded and changed a lot. As proof, many brand new supporting characters taking on different roles in the plot have been introduced to fans. To get ready for the upcoming release date, let’s learn a little about these new faces.

Roche – Speed ​​Demon King


Out of all the new characters revealed so far, Roche is probably the one with the most screen time in the trailers. According to information from Square Enix Roche belongs to the 3rd character class – Soldier. He is an arrogant soldier, earning the nickname “Speed ​​Demon King” because of his intense love for motors. Wandering around, hitting a hammock, driving a car to his death, Roche despite the danger of his life and those around him is often ostracized and condemned by members of the Shinra organization. As revealed in the trailer, Roche and Cloud seem to have a bad encounter in the past, but specifically the context and story of how they met, we may have to wait until the game launches. to find more about.

Andrea Rhodea – The tycoon of girls


When Cloud and his gang are trying to rescue Tifa From the mansion of crime boss Don Corneo, Aerith and Cloud have come up with a pretty cool plan: pretending to be a call girl to break into this area, the purpose is for Don to choose Cloud as an overnight instead. for Tifa or Aerith. The two need to go through a preliminary round and that’s where Andrea Rhodea comes in. As the owner of the Honeybee Inn, Andrea Rhodea is the one who decides who can set foot in Don’s mansion. His job is to find and select beautiful and perfect girls for Don. Andrea will play an important role in the meeting between Aerith, Cloud and Don Corneo.

Leslie Kyle – “Clergy” student face, parent’s soul


Leslie Kyle is basically a henchman of Corneo who assists him in ruling the Wall Market district. He is a strict young soldier, respected and respected by many of his minions. Leslie Kyle is the right type of student face, parent’s soul when Square Enix calls it a “cleric”. He will most likely be the one to take on the role of guard for the Honeybee Inn and Corneo’s mansion, although not much is known at the moment on how he will interact with Cloud, Aerith, or Tifa.

Madam M – Greedy mom


Similar to Rhodea, Madam M is a powerful figure from Wall Market who is very influential. As the owner of a popular massage parlor in Wall Market, Madam M also has the power to approve which girls are eligible to enter Corneo’s mansion to spend the night with him. Described as a greedy mother, she simply preys on the rich to benefit her. Cloud and Aerith will probably have to convince Madam M like they did with Andrea Rhodea, but it seems the task will be much more difficult.

Chocobo Sam – Gambler


Chocobo Sam is also another Corneo man in Wall Market. With his signature cowboy outfit, he runs a delivery service for residents. Chocobo Sam is known to be a gambler, instead of putting in the effort to make money, he bets all on games of chance. He also seems to be in charge of Corneo’s job of recruiting call girls.

Of course, there are still other new characters, but they won’t appear in the main storyline of the game. Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be released exclusively for PS4 on April 10.​

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