Leona Wild Rift: Rune table and how to build the strongest item

Leona Tốc Chiến

Leona Wild Rift is a support champion with many hardening effects. Leona has just been updated by LoL Wild Rift in version 2.1b. Right now, let’s Emergenceingames.com Let’s learn more about this support champion.

About General Leona Wild Rift

Leona is one of the support generals who possesses a lot of control skills. This champion was released in patch 2.1b alongside Diana and Pantheon. With a skill set with many controls, Leona promises to stir up the game’s meta in the near future.

Leona Wild Rift

Leona’s moves and skill sets

Passive: Sunlight

  • Damage skills place Sunlight on enemies for 1.5 seconds. When allied champions damage these enemies, they consume Sunlight for bonus magic damage.

Skill 1: Sun Shield

  • Leona strikes next with her shield, dealing bonus magic damage and stunning enemies.

Skill 2: Eclipse

  • Leona raises her shield increasing Armor and Magic Resist. When the effect first ends, if there are nearby enemies, she deals magic damage to them and prolongs the duration of the effect.

Skill 3: Heavenly Peak Sword

  • Leona unleashes a blade of sunlight, dealing damage to all enemies in a line. As the light fades, the last enemy affected is briefly immobilized and Leona dashes to the side of the target.

Skill 4: Thai Duong Ha San

  • Leona summons the power of her temples, dealing damage to enemies in the area. Victims in the center area will be stunned, and those on the edge will be slowed. After that, Leona’s blade is charged with solar energy and deals bonus magic damage for several hits.

How to increase Leona Wild Rift

When you are at level 1, you should raise skill 1 first. When level 2, continue to raise skill 2 or skill 3 depending on the situation of the match. When level 4, continue to increase skill 1 and at level 5, increase skill 4. Priority is given to max skill 1 first, then skill 2 and 3.

Leona Wild Rift
How to increase Leona’s moves.

Leona Wild Rift’s rune board

The jade table I recommend you to use is aftershocksfollowed by using weakness, loyal and pack hunter.

Leona Wild Rift
Leona’s Gem Board.

Summoner Spells for Leona

Summoner spells you must use speed because Leona is not a mobile champion. Whenever she rushes into a fight, Leona doesn’t have any moves to escape. You can use combos Speed ​​+ Exhaustion or Flash + Ignite if you want to play boldly.

How to build Leona Wild Rift

As a support general, Leona will equip gunner protection equipment. Necessary equipment includes: Zeke Storm Capacitor, Bodyguard Vow and Ionian Necklace. Then you should build tank items depending on who your opponent is.

Leona Wild Rift
How to build the basic Leona Wild Rift.
Leona Wild Rift
Leona Build vs Mage.
Leona Wild Rift
Leona Build vs Assassin/Gladiator.

How to play Leona Wild Rift

To create successful combat, you can use 1 of the following 2 combos:

Basic Leona Combo

  • 3 → 1 → 2 → Normal attack.

Combo Leona with ultimate

  • 3 → 1 → 2 → 4 → Normal attack.

Good luck.



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