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Pets are a cool feature in Coin Master. These animals can bring you unexpected benefits, in this article, Taimienphi.vn will reveal to you all you need to know about pets in Coin Master to take advantage of their abilities. them most effectively.

Taimienphi.vn has shared with you tips and tricks Tips for playing Coin Master game useful, as well as how to get free spins to spin more, raid more and attack more. In this article, our main characters will be pet friends in Coin Master. How many animals are there and what are their skills? What benefits do they bring to the owner? The answer will be revealed shortly.

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Learn about Pets and pets in Coin Master

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Things you need to know about pets in Coin Master

1. Pets available in Coin Master

* Foxy

understand and collect supply in coin master

Foxy Fox is the first pet to appear in Coin Master. Foxy gives you an advantage when going on a raid. When Foxy is active, you will get extra coins in raids up to 99% of what you raid. Simply, Foxy will help you dig the 4th hole in the theft. You get Foxy when you unlock the 4th village.

* Tiger

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Tiger Tiger will bring you more gold in other village attacks. Tiger will help you every time you attack another player as long as it is awake. To unlock Tiger, you need to complete the Beasts Card collection first.

* Rhino

understand and collect supply in coin master

Rhino’s purpose in the game is to help protect your village. If your village is being attacked by another player and you run out of shields, Rhino will block that attack. Note that at birth, Rhino only has a 10% chance to block the attack. By using XP Potions, you can increase his effectiveness. To unlock Rhino, you must complete the Creatures Card collection.

2. Some tips for using pets in Coin Master

* Pet hatching

Before you can get pet support in Coin Master, you must hatch them. Foxy is your first pet. When you unlock the 4th village, Foxy will appear. For the remaining 2 pets, you need to complete the deck of cards corresponding to them. So Tiger is only available when you complete the Beasts Casd collection and Rhino is available after you complete the Creatures Card collection. When you have a new pet, you will receive a notification from the pet section in Coin Master.

* Take care of your pet

You get pet food through spins, events, spend money, when completing certain decks or Viking Quest. When fed, the pet will be active for 4 hours. Time cannot be stopped by choosing another animal.

* Use Foxy, Tiger and Rhino for free every day

Besides the usual way of activating the pet, you can also use the pet for free for 15 minutes a day. When available, you will see the blue pet food in the Coin Master spinner screen. Touch the pet and the Free button to wake it up. For the next 15 minutes you can benefit from Foxy, Tiger and Rhino.

* Pet upgrade

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Pets perform quests for a limited time, and you can extend this time by upgrading them. To level up your pet, you must collect XP Potions. The experience points you have are located in the lower right corner of the Pet menu. When selecting a pet, pressing the XP button grants that pet a certain percentage of the total XP in your collection. This can be seen at the top of the screen.

When providing enough experience points, pets will automatically level up and enhance their abilities. Each pet species has its own XP bar and is leveled up separately. You can earn XP Potions each time a Pet performs his mission. In some cases, you will receive XP Potions or pet food while spinning. XP Potions can also be given as a reward for building structures or repairing items in your village after they have been damaged by another player’s attack.

Once upgraded, Foxy will give you more coins in raids, Tiger gives you more coins in raids, and Rhino defends your village more effectively against other players’ attacks. .

Above is some information about Pets, pets in Coin Master, for more Spin in the game, please refer to How to earn Spin Coin Master here.

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