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Free Fire OB27 is one of the major updates to this popular survival shooter in 2021. Update Free Fire This is officially launched to gamers on April 14. Here are the details of the Free Fire OB27 update that you need to know.

Free Fire OB26 update appeared on servers in early February. With many new additions that the OB26 update brings, players are looking forward to the same things with the next update, Free Fire OB27 and this latest Free Fire update is officially released on April 14, introducing many changes and features from the game balance, new characters, new guns to changing the interface to give players a new and more engaging experience.

detail you update free fire ob 27

What’s new in the Update for Free Fire OB27 Cuong Hoa?

Free Fire OB27 update release date

Follow release trends of a few seasons Free Fire Previously, the release date of the Free Fire OB27 update is scheduled for April 2021. Additionally, the update will roll out between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. of the same day. After that, players will be able to download and install the Free Fire OB27 update from Play Store or App Store.

detail you update free fire ob27

The content of the update Free Fire OB27 Cuong Hoa

1. New character – Xayne
Free Fire opened up about a new character when it released the image of the character yesterday and today, a new character named Xayne was officially revealed.

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The character has an active skill called Xtreme Encounter, giving the player 100 HP at the highest level and 80% increased damage to the glue wall and shield. This skill has a cooldown of 100 seconds.

Note: The above outlined skill is from the OB27 test server and is subject to slight variation on actual release.

2. New gun – Kord
Previous Free Fire updates brought in new weapons, and this time around too. The Free Fire OB27 update introduces the new Kord gun. The unique aspect of this gun is that the user gains extra power and the ability to fire when it is used in a prone or bent position.

the most recent changes in the sky free fire ob27

3. Awakening skills are fused and the system improved to character level
Awakening skills will be combined with common skills. This will make awakened characters a viable option for players.

Free fire ob 27 new text

Besides, the character leveling system has also been overhauled. Players won’t need money to level up anymore and having memory shards should be enough.

4. Change character UI and skill balance
The entire character UI will be remade with the Free Fire OB27 update, making it easier for players to switch between skills and characters. The loadout will receive a new change, allowing players to change skill sets from the lobby.

Free fire ob 27 has new features

Here are a few skill balance changes revealed:

– Chrono: Increases the force field radius and decreases movement speed.

– Rafael: Passive skill Dead Silent – opponents will lose HP faster.

– Wukong: Cooldown will be set when the enemy is destroyed.

– Maxim: Got a small buff.

– Hayato Firebrand: Changed into a passive skill.

– Misha: Buff driving speed.

– A124: Increase EP to HP conversion speed.

– Olivia: Skill enhancement.

5. Store Clash Squad
Clash Squad store will be updated, offering a large number of weapons. Players will be able to choose different guns from the store.

japanese master cap cap free fire ob 27

6. Map of Military Island 2.0
Since the release of Military Island 2.0, players have been waiting for its permanent arrival. After the OB27 update, this map will be officially available in the game. Meanwhile, the Kalahari Desert Island map becomes the option to download.

7. Revival mechanism
Revive will be applied on the maps. It will allow the player to bring their teammates back into battle.

8. Optimization of grenades
Smoke grenade throwing distance and smoke release speed will be increased. At the same time, Flashbang grenades will become easier to use.

When the Free Fire OB27 is released, the server will be serviced for several hours. During the maintenance period, the player will not be able to access the game. After the maintenance period, players will be able to download and install the Free Fire OB27 update from the Play Store or App Store.

Register to play Free Fire OB27 Advance Server

Test server Free Fire Advance Server is a place where eligible players can test new game features before they launch with the official update. Register to play Free Fire OB27 will start 3 weeks before the official release date. Players will need to register with an account Facebook to take part in the test.

These are only early predictions about the Free Fire OB27 update. will update the latest information when leaks appear in the future to give you a better view of this update.

Link to download the latest Garena Free Fire:

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=> Link download Garena Free Fire for iPhone
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