League of Legends: TOP 10 female champions with the hottest body

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In the World of Runeterra, the female generals are not only amazingly capable of fighting but also possessing impressive beauty. “Each person looks ten by one.”



It is no coincidence that Ahri is called “Dat Ky” of League of LegendsThis female general is a small fox in the shape of a human with an extremely sexy body, seductive red lips and eyes as clear as lake water. Ahri’s weapon is a crystal ball with impressive skills and extremely beautiful. For many reasons, Ahri deserves to be the most beautiful female general in the game League of Legends.

Miss Fortune


No need for fancy dresses or overly revealing skin, Miss Fortune still has an irresistible beauty to those who are watching. As one of the illustrious bounty hunters in Bilgawater, Miss Fortune left a deep impression with her full bust, toned waist and 2 guns in her hand. The skill set that favors dame hands is well used by this female general as a gunner chosen by many gamers.



Dubbed “The Grand Piano Girl” because Sona uses the Etwahl as a weapon. Not only is this woman good, but this female general is also very beautiful, owning a “terrible” round, but Sona’s lines bring a little bit of innocence and tenderness that makes many gamers fall in love.




The dark beauty of the Dark Queen is very different from the “lovely look” beauty. Syndra’s waist-length platinum hair, eyes, costumes and weapons are all mysterious purple combined with long slender legs and a hot bust, this female champion deserves a slot in today’s list. .



As the leader of the Avarosa clan with an ice bow as a weapon, Ashe gives the impression of being an incredibly strong, talented girl with icy powers and a desire for peaceful unification. Not only attractive in terms of personality, Ashe’s body is a harmony and balance that can knock off all other beauties of League of Legends.



Lux is a descendant of the famous Crownguards who have served Demacia for many generations. This is an extremely beautiful female general with golden hair and beautiful light magic.



Janna is a sorceress who has devoted herself to the primordial energies of nature, ignoring conventional norms. This female general possesses fighting skills thanks to the power of the wind along with a mundane appearance, not entangled in dust, making Janna’s appearance look a bit fairy-tale.



Katarina is a beautiful female assassin with long red hair. Although born and raised in the regal Noxus, this female general was trained in knife skills from a young age.



Caitlyn is the sheriff of Piltover and without this talented female general, this place would be a chaotic city. Not only is she good at using hand dame, but her beautiful appearance in adolescence also makes her reputation famous throughout Tan Tien City.



Riven is the leader, the spiritual symbol of Noxus. The female general’s weapon is a heavy and large sword inlaid with magical powers forged from a black rune stone. Placing this sword next to Riven’s slender body further accentuated the female general’s seductive body.

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