League of Legends: The inhibitory promotion sequence will be removed in the 2020 Pre-Season

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The players League of Legends I love to prove myself in matches ratings may be glad to know that Riot Games are planning to remove promotion chain out of the game into the stage pre-season 2021.

This shows that the gamer won’t have to play a three-game streak to advance to their next tier in the same Ranked Tier. As gamers have complained that the sequences between each of these tiers are extremely challenging and prevent them from progressing further.


Talk about the decision to remove the chain of promotion between ranks rank, Riot shared that the cause is from unnecessary inhibitions that gamers have to receive. Besides, the promotion chain also hinders the process somewhat climb rank. Riot also shared that they will keep the Bo5 chain to move up the rank (from Silver to Gold for example) because it is an important part of the process of evaluating gamers.

The elimination of the promotion chain will take place in the period Pre-Season 2021, along with that, the new system’s ranking score calculation method will also be changed. The first is that the redundant ranking points when ranking up will be counted for the next tier. For example: you are in Gold III 95 points, winning 1 match will add 20 points, then when you go to Gold II, the player will have 15 points available. Along with that, the downgrade protection has also been removed.

The next special feature of the ranking system League of Legends in Pre-Season where two-man squads were eliminated at levels high rank (from Master and above). Riot thinks that at such high ranks, the quality of players is much better than ordinary gamers. If there was more good coordination from two-man parties, the game would become somewhat unbalanced, so they made this decision.


With these promising changes, it is hoped that the next season of League of Legends will bring gamers a better experience when fighting in the game. ranking mode of the 2021 Pre-Season.

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