League of Legends: How to play Jinx – Jade board, skills, how to map


League of Legends: Rapid War – Jinx is a marksman general with a skill set that is easy to play and flexible. Let’s learn about how to play Jinx, the jade table, the best way to dress up for this “hyperactive” girl.


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League of Legends: How to play Jinx – Jade board, skills, how to map

Details of the skill set and how to improve the skill

  • intrinsic – Excited!

Jinx is greatly increased his movement speed when damaging a champion, turret, or minion that has just been destroyed within the last 3 seconds.

  • Skill 1: Shuffle Goods

Jinx wields 2 guns. The Bang Chow will increase attack speed, the herringbone will spread damage and range, but reduce its rate of fire and cost mana.

  • Skill 2: Splash

Jinx uses a stun gun, firing a long-range flash to slow and damage the first enemy hit.

  • Skill 3: Fire Grenade

Jinx sets a trap with a row of grenades, which lasts for 5 seconds. Enemies that step on they will be rooted.

  • Last hit: Super Terrible Ballistic Missile!

Jinx unleashes a super missile with a map-wide range. Missiles will increase damage based on the distance traveled. When it hits an enemy champion, it explodes, dealing damage and dealing bonus damage based on the enemy’s missing health.

The order in which skills are raised will give priority to skills 1> 2> 3. Last move to get the right level.

Gem Board and Summoner spells for Jinx

Super jade Speedy footsteps. Gems: Ferocity, Restoration, Energy Ribbon.

Jade table

The equipment for Jinx

The necessary equipment for Jinx includes:

  • Search infinity
  • Greaves shoes
  • Cuong Cung
  • Ma dance two swords
  • Blood sword
  • Algorithm Towel -> Mercury Blade.


Depending on the situation of the match and the enemy Jinx encounters, you guys have a way of dressing up accordingly.

I wish you success with Jinx in League of Legends: Quick War!

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