Tips to increase movement speed in Free Fire

Cách di chuyển nhanh trong game Free Fire

when the Free Fire, movement speed is an important skill that you need to master. Here are some tips to increase movement speed in Free Fire game.

How to move fast in the game Free Fire

Garena Free Fire for iOS Garena Free Fire for Android

Quick move tips in Garena Free Fire

Use skill combos

Free Fire allows players to use skill combos of different characters for the role-playing character. Each character has 3 skill slots. So, you can add 3 additional skills from other characters. You should supplement Kely’s Dash skill if you want to run lightning fast.

Kelly's Dash skill in Free Fire

Activate Auto Pick Up

Activate the automatic pick-up feature to save you time picking up items and other equipment. In section Setting, choose the item you want to pick up automatically. Choose the necessary and frequently used items. Don’t choose items that you never use to save time. Alternatively, choose Fast to speed up loot items.

Install automatically pick up items in Free Fire

Other movement speed improvement tips when playing Free Fire

  • Increased camera sensitivity for quick movement and navigation.
Increase the camera's sensitivity in Free Fire
  • Switch weapons: To shoot fast, you need to switch guns instead of reloads. Also, you should jump to avoid being shot when exchanging weapons.
  • You need to quickly change position, and at the same time, keep moving while aiming and shooting.
  • In addition, you need to create Gloo Wall – A glue wall and use a grenade to dash fast. In addition, you also need to combine jump & run to reach the enemy at lightning speed.
  • Finally, you should use both hooks to incorporate the above movements faster.

Fast action is the decisive factor in success or failure in a survival shooter like Free Fire. It is also the “key” for you to get Booyah there!

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