CFL Pro League season 2: 2 promoted teams will be revealed this week

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CFL Pro League season 2 2018 e-sports CrossFire Legends is the second stepping stone after CF2L that NPH VNG brings to create opportunities for 8 semi-professional teams to advance to the professional path. The tournament is expected to start from September 10 with a total prize pool of hundreds of millions


CFL Pro League season 2 2018 is a semi-professional tournament organized annually by NPH VNG to find passionate and promising semi-professional teams to continue walking on the path of professional competition to conquer the title. with The Legends Gold Cup. With an 8-team round-robin format, which includes 4 teams relegated from Pro League season 1 EZ Gaming, Ace Gamer, Blue Star and Wiki, 2 teams relegated last season from Star League including Hope Star, Freedom and 2 teams from CF2L. CFL Pro League season 2 2018 promises to be extremely dramatic and explosive with attractive and eye-catching matches.

Blue Star’s leader – BS.Bastosai, an extremely solid target in the first season of Pro League 2018 shared: “The Pro League is a tournament for semi-pro gamers and an opportunity for players to advance professionally and hone their skills and tactics over the seasons. Coming to this year’s season, there are many strong teams such as EZ, AG and especially Hope Star. Hope Star is a pretty strong professional team in my opinion, but for some reason, they’ve been on the wrong foot. There are also teams that are performing quite well in CF2L, so Blue Star will not be subjective and have to try a lot if they want to compete professionally in the Star League. This season, the lineup of BS remains unchanged, but there is one more reserve, BS.To. We. Our team is still practicing every day and is ready for the upcoming season. I believe the results will come when the team tries and keeps the form.”


EZ.VinhBui – EZ Gaming team captain said: “Last season, we competed closely with two teams, Shine and Mercenaries, to win the top 1. We tried really hard and sometimes it seemed like we were successful, but in the last few rounds, because of our heart. the uncomfortable situation we had but stumbled, lost our chance and had to accept 3rd place. During this time we practiced together a lot, almost every night. . Besides, I also train with other teams and watch many matches in the CFML tournament to learn more tactics and moves. Coming to this year’s season, my goal is of course a ticket to the professional Star League tournament. EZ Gaming will try their best and take the opportunity for themselves this year.”


It can be said that Hope Star used to be one of the formidable forces for any team and they were also in the top 5 of the strongest teams, alongside the legendary Ahihi or Head Hunter. However, experiencing a long slide of unstable performance and most recently had to be relegated. This is considered a cold water for Hope Star but will wake them up from the coma. Do Thanhthe captain of Hope Star said: “The past time has been a really difficult time for Hope Star as we were completely disoriented and lost. The culmination of it was that we had to say goodbye to the prestigious Star League. The reason is that the members are negligent in practice. Coming to this year’s tournament, we have started to practice and prepare very well. It’s time for Hope Star to be herself. Knowing the enemy knows us, a hundred battles a hundred wins is our motto. Not looking down on opponents but still very confident in themselves. Our goal is TOP 1 Pro League.”


The atmosphere of the CFL Pro League season 2 is heating up day by day. 6 seeds have been revealed, they have been practicing very hard for the tournament. Besides, the final battles of CF2L season 2 are coming to an end and the two best faces in this tournament are about to be revealed. E-sports enthusiasts FPS do not miss the latest news that we will continue to bring. Get ready for the new Pro League season kicking off on the dramatic September 10th!

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