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On the special occasion of the official launch of Mobile World War, all captains have gifts after using the latest Mobile World War GiftCode to redeem.

In order not to waste precious time of the captains, Taimienphi would like to share some codes Code New World War Mobile and how to enter, use them to have the captain have more super cool crew members.

1. Introduction to the game World War New World Mobile

When participating in Mobile World War, players can meet Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Robin, Ace, Law, … famous characters in the One Piece series. Here you have the task of recruiting and forming a squad of 5 super-strong crew members to join the treasure hunt, tactical battle with many other players through inter-server activities.

2. Outstanding features of the game New World War Mobile

– Super light capacity hands-free fighting game on Mobile
– More than 100 characters according to the original standard.
– Freedom to build a tactical team according to your preferences
– Free 100 spins after logging in
– System of charm, full power breakthrough.
– Inter-server battle activities, continuous high-low PvP competition

code to keep up with the world of mobile

Summary of the latest Mobile World Mobile World War Code

3. Why have to enter the game Code of War of the New World Mobile?

Entering the Mobile World War Code is the fastest way for you to own SSR generals, Diamonds and many other special materials to increase the fighting power of your entire squad.
– Get free Diamonds.
– Get SSR Heroes, Recruit Cards
– Get Enhancement Stones, Endurance Cards, Breakthrough Cards
– Get Beli

4. Latest Mobile World War Code List

– NAMI999
Right now there are very few Mobile World War Codes, the game is in the official release stage. Taimienphi will update the article with the latest Mobile World War Game Code for readers when they appear

5. The fastest way to enter the Mobile World War Code

Step 1: Complete the Beginner tutorial, click Avatar figure.
Step 2: In the table Informationchoose card Change GiftCode.
Step 3: Paste the latest Mobile World War Code, press Change get reward.

6. How to get new Mobile World War Codes
The publisher of the New World War Mobile is holding various events to win gamers the latest Mobile World War codes, namely the following official channels:
– Home World War Mobile World War
– Forum Fanpage of the Great War of the New World Mobile
– Community Group Dai Chien Tan World Mobile
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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