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Join Taimienphi to participate in the latest events and activities on the Fanpage and Group channels to receive the Gzone Super League Code, the game officially opens the Alpha Test version for the heroes to experience all the features first.

Sign in and redeem Code Gzone Super League to immediately own national general Yasuo and a lot of HOT gifts, extremely terrible to serve heroes to defeat opponents, honored on the World rankings.

1. Introduction to Gzone Super League game

Super League is a new hands-free strategy game from the developer Gzone, playing the role of a talented tactician, in Gzone Super League you have the task of recruiting and building a team from League generals. Legend, pass copies, climb ranks and compete with other players.

2. Outstanding features of the Gzone Super League game

– Hands-free IDLE strategy game on Android and iOS
– Reunite over 100 League of Legends generals
– 5 Class 7 Careers raise the bar of strategy
– Freedom to coordinate, mix skills to create super quality combos
– The king competes, challenges the masters.

Gzone super cool link code

Summary of the latest Mobile Super League Codes

3. What are the benefits of entering the Gzone Super League Game Code?

Enter Gzone Super League Code to receive General Recruitment, Free VIP level … and thousands of Diamonds, great gifts, supply gifts to make a good start, TOP racing does not have to be thought.

4. Code Gzone Super League

– VIP9999
– VIP888


5. How to enter Gzone Super League Code

Step 1: At the interface in the game, you click Avatar character and choose Giftcode.

giftcode link super cool gzone

Step 2: Next you enter Code Gzone Super Leaguepress Change.

game code for super cool games in gzone

– As soon as you successfully change the Gzone Super League Game Code, the reward will appear on the screen, you click anywhere to collect in the inventory.

Enter the code for the super cool link in gzone

6. How to get new Gzone Super League Code
The fastest and most effective method to own a personal Gzone Super League Code is to visit the link below, join the event and follow the instructions to receive the new Giftcode of BQT.
– Gzone Super League Homepage
– Gzone Super League Fanpage
– Gzone Super League Group
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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