How to use Facebook Graph Search to find information on FB

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After downloading Facebook and using the Graph Search tool, it is an effective way for new users to register Facebook to find many interesting things on the social network Facebook, but because it is a new tool developed not long ago. Since 2013 and using English mainly, few people know how to use Facebook Graph Search effectively and usefully.

Graph Search is one of the smart search support tools on Facebook, of course, on Zalo or Skype, this feature is not supported yet. Unlike traditional searches like Google Search or Bing, Facebook Graph Search provides a list of results that are quite close and related to what Facebook users want to find such as friends, photos, music, movies. …However, few Facebook users, especially those who have just registered for Facebook, know this interesting feature.

use facebook graph search

Note that, how to use Facebook Graph Search should only apply to Facebook web version, versions like Facebook for iPhone nice Facebook for Android it will be difficult to apply this way of using Facebook Graph Search.

How to use Facebook Graph Search for old-fashioned search

First, you log in to facebook and use the search window in Facebook

1. Use Facebook Graph Search to find single Facebook users

How to use facebook graph search

2. Use Facebook Graph Search to search for married and married Facebook users

how to use facebook graph search

3. Tips for using Facebook Graph Search to find single women

facebook graph search

In there females is the English name of a female. If you want to find single men, just change females >males never mind.

4. Unique way to use Facebook Graph Search to find unknown friends on Facebook

use facebook graph search

5. Use Facebook Graph Search to find your friends’ photos quickly

use facebook graph search 2016

6. Facebook Graph Search supports finding friends who have recently “liked” your posts

  facebook graph search 2016

7. Use Facebook Graph Search to find music sites you might like

Facebook graph search 2016

8. Facebook Graph Search helps you find movies, videos that you might like

Facebook graph search

9. Search for restaurants near you (based on computer location)

find facebook graph search

In it, you note, the sequence of numbers 273819889375819 is the identifier (ID) of the Restaurant category in Facebook’s search store.

10. Accurate search for Facebook usernames based on name, age, year of birth and location

– Based on name and year of birth: shui/users-named/25/18/users-age-2/108109945876600/residents/present/intersect/

facebook graph search

In which “phuong Linh” is your identifier named Phuong Linh, “/25/18/” is the age between 18-25 and “108109945876600” is the identifier of Hanoi.

use facebook graph search for heart kiem

Search based on the year of birth of girls born in 1996.

Similarly, if you want to find other Phuong Linh friends in Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang, you just need to find the ID of that city on Facebook’s address bar. Specifically:

Step 1: Enter Hanoi > Click “Find more results for Hanoi” at the bottom or click on the top search result, there are many people to check-in.

how to use facebook graph search for heart kiem

Step 2: Click on Location and you will find the ID of that place right in the address bar of Facebook.

find out facebook graph search

Tap Places to find the exact ID of the place.

how to find facebook graph search

Above is the ID of the city. Hanoi.

Same with TP. Ho Chi Minh, Facebook ID is: 108458769184495

dung facebook graph search de tim kiem kieu cu 15 - Emergenceingame

These are some of the most effective Facebook Graph Search tips to force Facebook to find useful information for readers, and keep in mind that, as soon as Facebook is blocked, the first thing you can do Do not only surf News Feed, video call on Facebook or play video on Facebook, but you can also search and use Facebook Graph Search as a great tool to find many interesting things on social networks. people please.

For those of you who regularly log into Facebook and perform Facebook live video streaming or Facebook video calls, knowing how to find unknown friends using Facebook Graph Search is especially useful, because you can both do Get to know new friends and just be able to find someone to make friends with. As for those of you using Zalo or Skype, most of these tools also support finding friends around or linking via Facebook, so you don’t need to worry because you can’t find anyone to make friends with.

Besides the useful search feature above, after finding unique videos, you can download facebook videos to your laptop to watch again at other times, how to download facebook videos is quite simple, just use a browser or a few small tips that you can download Facebook videos to your device. And if you don’t want to be bothered, hide your facebook nick, in case you don’t want anyone to disturb you, turn on the feature to hide chat with everyone.
Good luck!

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