Latest Full Code Play Together February 2022 to receive Unicorns and Stars

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Do you want to earn free Play Together rewards? Taimienphi’s Code Play Together February 2022 code list will help you keep your game up to date with the latest free exclusive goodies.

The easiest way to get rewards in Play Together is to enter a GiftCode. Here we are sharing the codes Code Play Together February 2022 to our readers, get free Gems and exclusive rewards on the occasion of Tet holiday in 2022 without having to deposit.

1. Introducing the game Play Together

Play Together is a casual adventure game developed and published by Haegin Co. Ltd. Play Together contains many mini-games and offers options to customize the character with different clothes, accessories…. You can play with friends and other users in the virtual world with more than 17 exciting mini-games.

2. Play Together game features

– Role-playing game that simulates real life on the phone
– Suitable for all ages from children to adults
– Many fun mini-game activities, challenging the player’s ability
– Play online with friends or other players via mang
– High connection and interaction with friends.
– Suitable for leisure time, relieve stress.

code play together on February 22, 2022

Summary of the latest Play Together GiftCode codes

3. Why enter the Play Together Game Code?

For every gamer, entering the GiftCode game Play Together is extremely important, you not only receive resources such as Gems, Stars, Money but also receive free exclusive costumes of NPH without having to load cards, join. work. The rewards that players who enter Code Play Together in February 2022 receive include:
– Get the Unicorn’s Tail
– Get Gems
– Get Coins and Firecrackers
– Get the Chestnut Clip outfit
– Get Stars, Travel Tickets and Premium Eggs

4. List of Code Play Together February 2022

– SHAKEIT2022: Get the Unicorn’s Tail
– GOODBYE2021: Get 2021 Money and Goodbye Cannons
– KEP20HAT21DE: Get Nutcracker Boots
– 2021NUTCRACKER: Get Chestnut Clip Face Skin
– KURUMIWARI2021: Get the Chestnut Clip Uniform
– HODUKKAGI 2021: Receive a random gift
– XMASCOINYUM21: Receive a random gift
– WINTERISLAND: Receive a random gift
– FORYOU2KSTARS: Get 2000 coins
– LFTOGETHER 2021: Receive a random gift
HALLOWEENTOGETHER: Get 3000 star coins, premium eggs, pink cotton candy
SARANGHAE: Get 1928 stars, 10 diamonds
HAPPYCHUSEOK: Get 5000 stars, 2 travel tickets, premium eggs
VIETOPTOGETHER: Get 5000 stars, travel tickets
THANKS20KVIEW: Get Special Snack, Basic Barrier
ForForestFairy: Get 300 crowns
TEWTIY: Get Tewtiy’s Pants, Shirt, Face and Hair
LANKYBOX: Get Foxy Hat and Boxy Hat
together2021: Get x10000 Stars
HAPPYTOGETHER2021: Get x5,000 Stars

5. Instructions for entering Code Play Together February 2022

Step 1: At the game screen Play Togetherchoose phone icon into the Setting.

code play together every day in February 2022

Step 2: Click select Enter Coupon bottom right.

giftcode play together every day in February 2022

Step 3: Import Code Play Together February 2022 => press receiving gifts.

code game play together 2nd month 2022 4

Step 4: A message appears, click Confirm.

giftcode game play together February 2022 5

Step 5: Go back to the dashboard, go to Letters get reward.

ghost qua tang code play together February 2022 6

6. How to get the new Code Play Together February 2022
Currently, there are no events to receive Code Play Together February 2022, players can only receive them on holidays and game anniversaries through NPH’s Fanpage. If you do not have time, please mark the article, Taimienphi will update regularly here.
– Facebook received Code Play Together
– Group received Code Play Together
– Website received CODE GAME is different.

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