Latest Code of Magic Arena 2022 | How to enter the code

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Magic Arena is a card strategy game. The game has extremely lively and high-quality sound. This paragraph Minh Vy will summarize the latest giftcode for readers.

Magic Arena

The latest Code of Magic Arena April 2022


Status CODE
Expire 6696BZ8SF3P9
Expire B5W1JXN6J4P2
Out of date 4JL85TB349R4
Still usable A7734BGTUJTB
Still usable 1D7874J2L866
Still usable PTC4WN9QYG7Q
Out of date PCH1IGI43QB9
Still usable WQ9PRCP28G9Z
Out of date UE1C7A5MI4QG
Out of date 534VKDJ89J7J
Out of date MS95LTMZTESI
Out of date 8CYH667MGDYT
Out of date BN11HT5YH849
Out of date A6866M4B2MFE
Out of date 3LLG4Q7BPFUF
Out of date 45539L9M8B48
Out of date SPS1UIK4C81I


  • Each giftcode can only be entered once per account.
  • Different servers in the same account cannot enter the giftcode that has been used.

How to enter the code of Magic Arena

Quick start Guide

Open game app → Tap Avatar icon character → Select Activation codeEnter the codeConfirm.

Detailed instructions

Step 1: Open the game app and proceed to login to the game → Click character avatar in the upper right corner of the screen.

Magic Arena
Click on the character avatar

Step 2: Select Activation code.

Magic Arena
Select Activation Code item

Step 3: Enter the code and click Confirm to activate the code.

Magic Arena
Enter the code and click Confirm

Good luck. Don’t forget to visit the website regularly Online Games to update the giftcode regularly. Thank you gamers for reading my post.advise

What is the Code of Magic Arena?

These are the gifts provided by the publisher with different numbers. Through these strings of letters and numbers you can get gifts such as diamonds, gold, breakthrough stones or tiered pieces.

Where to get the latest Magic Arena code?

To receive the latest and fastest giftcode, you can follow this article. In addition, you can also follow at the HOME OF THE GAME or the GIFTCODE PAGE OF THE GAME


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