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Labeling messages in gmail makes it easier than ever to search and filter email addresses. In the following article, will guide you how to label messages in gmail after you have registered and used gmail.

Search for received or sent emails, retrieve sent messages in gmail is a regular job for users, so how to be able to search in the fastest and most accurate way.

If you want to do this, you should label the emails in your mailbox, so to do this, please refer to our following article.

Label messages in gmail

Step 1: First, Log in to gmail, then tick the email you need to label.

name for thu in gmail

Step 2: Next, click on the assign label button and select “Create new” (picture below)

feel free to give thu in gmail

Step 3: Here you enter the label name and then click “Create”

name for thu in gmail

Step 4: Then on that email will appear the label name you created above

gmail is logging in

So just a simple operation of labeling messages in gmail login will help you easily search and filter received or sent messages quickly and accurately, this will save you money. time. Besides, you also need see Spam messages in Gmail to delete unnecessary messages.
If you do not have a gmail account and are new to email, you can refer to the steps to register gmail for users to get started.

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