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John Wick 3 suddenly revealed the first image

If you are a fan of Keanu Reeves Whether it’s in movies or through the beautiful way of life in real life, you must know the masterpiece John Wick. This highly successful 2-part movie makes viewers overwhelmed by the eye-catching close-quarters combat and the extremely playable gunfights. Not that John Wick gathers millions of fans around the world, who are still looking forward to the third part of this series.

John Wick the first part.

Now that desire has been somewhat relieved when John Wick 3 has officially released the first set of images. Shared by the film’s director of photography, Dan Laustsen, viewers had the opportunity to witness the return of John Wick.

The image of John Wick 3 was shared by director of photography Dan Laustsen.

Looking at the surrounding context, we can realize John Wick is in Chinatown in New York. After the events of the previous part, our main character is hunted by an entire force of assassins around the world for breaking the no-gun law in the Continental Hotel. With the gun of the most professional killers pointed at him, John Wick will have to use all his skills to preserve his life in this movie.

Along with the theatrical version, director Chad Stahelski also revealed that the TV Series spin-off is titled The Continental Also in production. Although not on the scale of the original film and focusing on a completely different side of the underworld, the director confirmed The Continental still has extremely eye-catching action sequences.

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