Instructions to set up paired gender on Hago

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Hago is a social networking application with many attractive features such as online gaming, making friends, online dating, etc. Hago application will help you pair with your online friends to compete together to play online games. Few people know that you can set the option to pair only men or women on Hago in the application settings. Below will be instructions for setting up pairing by male or female only option on the Hago app.

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How to choose only men or women when pairing on Hago

Step 1:

At the main interface of Hago after installation, click to I -> avatar icon (top left corner) → Establish.

Step 2:

Interface Setup appears, please click to select item Gender preference.

Here you select the desired gender is Male Female good All.

Step 3:

Right then you return to the main interface of Hago you will find the same player according to the gender you have set above.

If you want to confirm it is male or female, you can chat with that person to confirm.

Above we have to guide you how to pair by gender on Hago. Hope you will get the friends you play best when playing the game.

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