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Minecraft is an open game with unlimited gameplay attracting a large number of players around the world. It is easy to understand why a game with not really good graphics can attract so many players. Because Minecraft is a special game, where each player will survive (literally), will build a house, make things, even get hungry and “die” without food.

Hungry – Can be considered a feature in this game (except modes Creative, Spectator and Peaceful) and it is really special, causing players to invest more time and effort to find food for themselves. The character’s hunger level in Minecraft is shown by an energy bar (temporarily called Hunger Level).

Hunger levelThe Hunger Level bar is displayed as a “chicken drumstick” image.

This bar will change during play just like in real life. This means that when you move it will decrease, eat it up, and when the bar is empty, your character will “die”. Or specifically:

  • The remaining 8 – 8.5 chicken thighs (less than 90%): Loss of healing ability.
  • The remaining 3 chicken thighs (less than 30%): Cannot move fast (sprint).
  • Out of chicken thighs (Hunger Level = 0): Game over.

It is still known that when you are hungry, adding food is natural, but Minecraft has quite a lot of different foods, each with its own effects, even poisoning the player if you do not know how to use it correctly. .

Foods in Minecraft game

Special foods in the game Minecraft

Knowing how to use the right foods, knowing its advantages and disadvantages will help players avoid a lot of trouble, and at the same time know how to recharge their characters.

1. The yellow apple

Recovery: 2 Minecraft health bar - Emergenceingame

This is one of the two most rare and special foods in the game Minecraft (due to being made of gold). You can find Golden Apples in the Dungeon or you can craft gold. When in use, it adds up to user 2Minecraft health - Emergenceingame, 5 seconds to regenerate and restore almost completely the Hunger level bar.

roundtickgreen - EmergenceingameAdvantages:

  • It is a magic medicine that restores health and hunger (restores more than 90% of Hunger level and 2 bars Minecraft health - Emergenceingame).
  • In addition, Golden Apple also has the ability to heal zombies. In this way, the player can heal and create a whole new village.

- EmergenceingameDefect:

  • Extremely expensive to make (need 72 gold bars or 648 gold nuggets for an apple like this).
  • It takes 2 minutes to finish and then it takes another 5 seconds for it to work.

2. Yellow carrots

Rehibilitate: 3 Minecraft health bar - Emergenceingame

Also one of the two rare foods (along with the Golden Apples), Yellow Carrots cannot be found anywhere, but the ingredients used to make it are cheaper than Apples and at the same time, the level of recovery. Health is also better.

In Minecraft there is a hidden feature, which is “saturation” – roughly the first point of exhaustion before your Health bar is shown a decrease in each level. The higher the saturation, the longer the energy loss time.

roundtickgreen - EmergenceingameAdvantages:

If the Yellow Apple can only restore 9.6% saturation, the Carrot can recover up to 14% more (the most of all foods).

- EmergenceingameDefect:

  • Still too expensive to be a regular food.

First-rate food in the game Minecraft

1. Cooked beef and pork ribs Minecraft steak - EmergenceingameMinecraft porkchops - Emergenceingame

Recovery: 2 Minecraft health bar - Emergenceingame

Both of these foods are equally resilient and can be found relatively early (if you remember Download.vn told you to look closely around where you were born to look for carnivores. in post Minecraft’s first 10 minutes).

If possible, please make fence close to your accommodation to feed them. This way we will have a more stable food supply.

roundtickgreen - EmergenceingameAdvantages:

  • Hunger bar restorable food and very high saturation (after special foods).
  • Can be cooked and obtained faster using a weapon.
  • Burning an entire cow or pig for cooked meat does not need to be in the oven.

- EmergenceingameDefect:

  • Beef and pigs are not always available for you to find meat.
  • It is possible to breed them, but carrots are required (a food that is scarce and quite difficult to find).

2. Cooked lamb Minecraft mutton - Emergenceingame

Recovery: 3 Minecraft health bar - Emergenceingame

Energy recovery is pretty good, and it’s not hard to find either. Sheep can herd them to multiply, creating a source of meat for you.

3. Cooked salmon Minecraft salmon - Emergenceingame

Recovery: 3 Minecraft health bar - Emergenceingame

The sword method is similar to that of normal fishing but more difficult. Salmon also produces more meat than fish. Before eating, it is necessary to cook.

4. Spider eyes Minecraft spider - Emergenceingame

Recovery: 1 Minecraft health bar - Emergenceingame

While it only restores 1 meat, it increases the degree of saturation. However, after eating Spider Eye for 4 seconds, the character will be poisoned and need meat to heal himself.

Food ranked second in the game Minecraft

1. Cooked Chicken:

Rehibilitate: 3 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Compared to other mobs in the game Minecraft, chickens are quite easy to find and if you are a little skillful, you can put them in the fence and raise them to get eggs and chicks. If you can do this, you will have a plentiful supply of food.

roundtickgreen - EmergenceingameAdvantages:

  • Restores a relatively saturated amount.
  • Easy to find, easy to raise.
  • Provide feathers and eggs.

- EmergenceingameDefect:

  • Food is needed to feed the chicks as they hatch and continue to reproduce.

2. Cooked fish

Rehibilitate: 3 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Pretty easy to find and safe to eat, the amount of hunger and saturation the fish offers are similar to bread and meat.

roundtickgreen - EmergenceingameAdvantages:

  • Plentiful resources, only water can be found.
  • As long as we have a fishing rod, we will get fish (easy to find).

- EmergenceingameDefect:

  • The fish is easy to find, but it takes a long time to catch.

3. Mushroom stew

Rehibilitate: 3 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

With the available recipes, the stewed mushrooms can recover up to 3 hunger units. However, the mushroom has no compartment in the inventory, so if you carry it, it will take up quite a lot of free space.

4. Bread

Rehibilitate: 3 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Hunger recovery is equivalent to stewed mushrooms and fish, but bread is considered the basic, easiest food to find in Minecraft. Just a pickaxe and a few seeds in the camp, you will have bread. Although it takes a long time to harvest wheat, this is also a fairly stable and easy source of food for you.

5. Baked potatoes:

Rehibilitate: 3 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Although quite difficult to find, potatoes are a very special food, providing the same level of nutrition as cooked chicken and bread, but does not require cooking like chicken and can be obtained faster than wheat.

6. Carrots

Rehibilitate: 2Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

If other foods must be processed to be eaten or have nutritional value, carrots are not needed. Although its recovery level is not equal to that of other foods, thanks to the advantage of being able to use it at any time without cooking it makes carot become important (when you do not have the oven) indispensable.

7. Cooked, stewed rabbits

Rehibilitate: From 3 to 5Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Rabbits are quite difficult to find in Minecraft and not easy to process. However, unlike cooked rabbits, stewed rabbit meat is the food that can restore the most hunger (5 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame).

Third place food in the game Minecraft

1. Pumpkin Cake

Rehibilitate: 4 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Made from pumpkins, sugar and eggs, it can heal up to 4 hungry but it’s quite easy to find and process.

roundtickgreen - EmergenceingameAdvantages:

  • Easy to find, easy to do, good health recovery.
  • Just having enough ingredients, players can make pumpkin pie without oven.
  • The ingredients and ingredients for baking are also quite easy to find.

- EmergenceingameDefect:

  • Restores high hunger, but low level of saturation hunger.
  • Pumpkins are time-consuming and only yield one at a time.

2. Melon

Rehibilitate: first Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Only one unit of hunger can be restored, classified as emergency in the absence of any other food. Although it can be grown for a long time and harvested a lot, melon is not the ideal food. Another advantage of melon is that it can be processed into medicine.

3. Raw chicken

Rehibilitate: first Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Able to restore 1 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame but there is also a risk of food poisoning for the playing character if left unprocessed. Chicken has many advantages, such as easy to raise, lay a lot of eggs, is a stable source of feathers and food for players.

4. Raw beef and pork

Rehibilitate: 2Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Compared to processed beef and pork, these foods provide less nutrition. However, beef and pork are foods that players can find right from the beginning of the game. In particular, even though not processed, this food is still safe.

5. Raw lamb, raw rabbit meat

Rehibilitate: From 1 to 2 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Restores hunger level from 1 to 2 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame. Works better when cooked.

6. Potatoes

Rehibilitate: first Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Recovery 1Minecraft icon - EmergenceingameBut if left unprocessed, the risk of poisoning is up to 60%.

Other foods in Minecraft

1. Cakes

Rehibilitate: first Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

With the main ingredient of flour and cocoa beans, the baked cake is recoverable 1Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame. Although low in nutrition, but each can build up to 8 units and is a valuable reserve in emergency situations.

2. Cake

Rehibilitate: 7 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

A food that can almost completely restore a player’s hunger level (7 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame). However, the hunger saturation is not very high and it is also quite complicated to make this kind of cake.

roundtickgreen - EmergenceingameAdvantages:

  • Restores almost maximum vitality for the player.
  • Can be used many times.
  • Can be eaten directly without turning off the currently selected item

- EmergenceingameDefect:

  • Ingredients are varied, complex and difficult to find (sugar, flour, eggs, milk).
  • It takes a lot of time to do it.
  • You must create a block to put the cake on, if it breaks, the cake will disappear. That is, cakes can only be eaten where construction is possible.
  • The cake cannot be taken away, so after eating for the first time, to continue eating, the player is forced to return to the place where the cake is placed.
  • Despite its high nutritional value, the pastry has quite low hunger saturation, making the player quickly return to hunger.

3. “Rotten” meat

Rehibilitate: 2 Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

This special food is actually the meat of the killed zombies. “Rotten” meat compensates for 2 nutritional values ​​and should be used only in the most emergency (because of its high toxicity).

roundtickgreen - EmergenceingameAdvantages:

  • Because the number of zombies in the game Minecraft is quite a lot, so just having a weapon will earn this food.
  • Since wolves are not affected by the poison in “rotten” meat, this is a very good and readily available food source for them.

- EmergenceingameDefect:

  • Is a type of food with very high toxicity (causing poisoning up to 80%). The player should only eat if there is sure milk to detox later.
  • Hunger saturation is quite low.

4. Puffer fish, clownfish

Rehibilitate: first Minecraft icon - Emergenceingame

Although it only recovers 1Minecraft icon - EmergenceingameBut puffer fish is the deadliest food on the list of foods. Usually only use this fish to raise or tame the mobs of wild cats.

In general, foods on the other food category are listed as should not be used unless there is no other way.

The article ends here, hopefully with the overall article about food in Minecraft, Download.vn hope you will have more knowledge and experience playing Minecraft games to be able to explore this enchanting World. .

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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