Instructions to receive gifts for Valentine’s Day event Arena of Valor 2020

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The Valentine’s Day event series Arena of Valor 2020 is one of the events that many players have been waiting for on the occasion of February 14. Gamers participating in the activity can receive a lot of special rewards, terrible skins and extremely attractive gift exchange, high value iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Dispelling the winter cold with sweet rewards for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, NPH Garena appreciates gamers and couples with a series of unique Valentine’s Day events like Arena of Valor 2020.


Valentine’s Day Event 14/2 Arena of Valor

Series of Valentine’s Day events for Arena of Valor 2020

1. Flirting with General Arena of Valor
– The period starts from February 8 to the end of February 15, 2020.
– Link to participate in the event of General Arena of Valor here.
– How to participate: Players conduct a successful audition 6 of 31 characters to receive 1 of 5 free generals on February 15. Use the likes earned through login quests, play 1 game, win 1 match…. to drop a whiff.
– Reward: Possibility to get iPhone 11 Pro Max, statue and jacket of limited Valentine costume after each successful drop-in.
+ Gem shard x 2000
+ Treasure ticket x1
+ MVP card Win x1
+ Champion Chest choose 1 (Quillen/ Tulen/ Zip/ Lumburr/ Astrid).

Mobile-related Valentine

2. Attendance to receive Ryoma skin from Valentine’s Event Arena of Valor 2020
– The period starts from February 14 to the end of February 29, 2020
– How to participate: Log in the game every day to receive gifts.
– Reward:
+ Day 1: Get Pisces Frames
+ Day 2: Get Champion Shard x5
+ Day 3: Get Gem Shards x 1000
+ Day 4: Get Skin Fragment x5
+ Day 5: Get A x5 . Drawing Paper
+ Day 6: Get Champion Shard x5
+ Day 7: Get Gem Shards x1000
+ Day 8: Get Skin Fragment x5
+ Day 9: Get Amulet Drawing Paper A x5
Day 10: Get a Ryoma Evening Outfit

mobile-related valentines day 2020 3

3. Lover’s Quest
– The period starts from February 14 to the end of February 23, 2020
– How to participate: Gamers conduct corresponding tasks to collect Hearing, using them you can get the effect of Lover or Ruby.
– Reward:
+ 15 Hearing: Lover Acceleration Effect
+ 15 Hearing: Lover Transformation Effect
+ 15 Hearing: Defeat Lover’s Effect
+ 1 Hearing: Ruby x10

4. Some other 2020 Arena of Valor Valentine’s Events
To enhance the Mobile Union experience, the publisher Garena also changed a number of other game modes, unlocking all generals for players to use, doubling the amount of gold earned after each match … event takes place on February 14 and ends on February 17, 2020.
Above are all the details about NPH Garena’s Valentine’s Day event series Mobile 2020 for gamers, promising to bring many interesting experiences on the occasion of the holiday on the occasion of the Year of the Rat. Don’t forget to join New Year’s lucky draw 2020 Arena of Valor more friends.

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