Instructions to receive FREE 92 Arena of Valor charm drawing paper

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In the recent Arena of Valor AIC 2019 tournament, Japan’s USG team made a miracle, and publisher DeNa has taken advantage of launching many events, one of which allows players to receive 92 complete charms. Completely free with many other bonuses.

Unlike other countries, DeNa’s Arena of Valor gives players many rewards, more than 90 generals and many skins for gamers to freely experience, a grateful move that has received a lot of attention from the community.

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At the Japanese Arena of Valor server, there is only one type of charm drawing paper and gamers can easily get it after logging in to the game. The reward for the lucky player is the extremely valuable Liliana Tan Nguyet Mi Ly duo.

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With the possession of 92 Arena of Valor charms, gamers can easily receive Liliana for free if they are lucky, otherwise they can also receive Badges, accumulate enough Badges to exchange Liliana Nguyet Mi Ly and Liliana Tan Nguyet Mi Ly follows the following milestones:
– 5 Badges: Change Liliana Nguyet Mi Ly.
– 15 Badges: Change Liliana New Moon My Ly.

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Not only that, logging in daily or completing goals also allows players to own Badge instead of having to draw 92 Arena of Valor charms as prescribed. Of course, the rewards for using talismans don’t just stop at champions, but also character movements, high-level equipment gems….

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In parallel with DeNa’s gratitude, Garena also launched a series of events in November this year, based on his luck, gamers can receive skin Lu Bu Commander Robot Arena of Valor completely free just by participating in the flip event.
– Link to download Android version: Arena of Valor for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Arena of Valor for iPhone

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