Instructions to play Lifeline in Apex Legends

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Lifeline is a pure Support character class in Apex Legends, taking on the position of a doctor on the battlefield as well as providing a lot of useful items in the game, with the following instructions for playing Lifeline in Apex Legends. Learn more about this class.

Although Lifeline is a Support character class but by no means useless in combat. Most of the Lifeline players in Apex Legends are Lifeline because of the unique skill set not only support for teammates but can also help themselves in any case. Lifeline is a character that is needed in any squad.

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How to play Lifeline in Apex Legends

Instructions to play Lifeline in Apex Legends

Lifeline is one of two support character classes, unlike Findpather when it comes to road tracking, Lifeline is more pure Support when it comes to supporting recovery as well as summoning planes to bring “hearing” to you. Lifeline can be combined with a lot of different formations, especially in combination with defensive classes to defend the house.

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Lifeline skill in Apex Legends

– Combat Medic passive skill

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Combat Medic is Lifeline’s passive skill that is only activated when an ally is near dying (ie in crawl mode). When running to save teammates Combat Medic will appear and protect you, a shield appears that is immune to all types of bullets.

– Normal skill DOC Heal Drone

Shortcuts to use: Q . key (default)

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Skill DOC Heal Drone will allow Lifeline to summon a Drone for 1 minute that heals everyone nearby. Every time you lose blood, you will be restored to health. This is an extremely beneficial buff of Lifeline in all cases, especially after getting out of your circle minus a lot of health.

– Ultimate skill Care package

Shortcuts to use: Z key (default)

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Care Package is a unique skill in Apex Legends when Lifeline uses it to summon a spaceship to send you items. The item will include 3 items including Rare, Epic and Legend. Especially the Legend weapons rarely appear in the game.

Notes when playing Lifeline in Apex Legends

– Combat Medic is a passive skill that gives Lifeline an extra shield while saving teammates. Note that this skill does not create a full shield, but only the front shield.
– DOC Heal Drone not only buffs blood for allies, but any enemy is also buffed if standing close.
– Care Package has the ability to summon special Legends items that do not appear when opening the chest.
– Lifeline’s Care Package is different from Apex Legends in that Lifeline doesn’t have a light pillar, and Apex Legends has a light pillar after that.
– Care Package cannot be summoned if Lifeline is in a house or cave area.

Above is a guide on how to play Lifeline in Apex Legends, with Lifeline’s skill set that will help the team a lot in both defense and attack. Lifeline is a mobile character used in many situations.

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