How to use 4 Gold pieces most effectively in Dota Auto Chess

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The chess pieces aka heroes with 4 Gold value in Dota Auto Chess are all high tier pieces, so use them at the right time, combined with your line-up to increase the efficiency to the highest. is not a simple thing.

If you are a player who is playing Dota Auto Chess but do not know how to use 4 Gold generals, then the following article, Taimienphi will introduce skills and how to place troops in the current meta, bringing efficiency to your squad. .

How to use 4 gold keys to understand the best in dota auto chess

To play Dota Auto Chess, you need a Dota 2 game, if you don’t have the game, download it here.

– Download Dota 2: Dota 2

How to use 4 Gold pieces effectively in Dota Auto Chess

1. Troll Warlord

Troll Warlord is currently one of the most popular heroes in Dota Auto Chess with the ability to combine attack speed for himself, when combined with 3 other trolls to increase attack speed for the entire squad. Players who equip Troll Warlord healing items will be extremely confident in front of their opponents

Should put Troll Warlord at the end of the squad and add generals with buffalo health, absorb damage to protect and help Troll create as much damage as possible, can be combined with Warlock set to get lifesteal effect.

2. Disruptor

Disruptor of Dota Auto Chess has the ability to lock skills and deal large area damage to all enemies, you should equip the champion with some items to increase stamina and stand at the frontline to be able to recover mana quickly possible.

In some prolonged battle situations, Disruptor can cast Static Storm 2 times in 1 screen, if it can be combined with a Shaman-type champion, it will have 2 more very useful single CCs, this is a piece that has versatility.

3. Kunkka

Kunkka’s Ghostship is one of the best wide area damage and stun skills in the game, if placed in the wrong place, this piece will not be effective, so Kunkka is only worth 4 Gold .

You can equip Kunkka with iteams with good resistance and put them in the first place of the squad, for quick mana regeneration and immediate use of skills. If you put Kunkka in the right position and equip the Refresh Orb, you can drop the boat twice, which can turn the situation around quickly.

How to use 4 gold keys to understand the best in dota auto chess 2

4. Doom

This is a Demon general suitable for the tactics of using Warrior classes, Doom has a very strong single-target Ulti skill. Unlike magic classes or low health classes, you only need to equip the hero with a few items to lock the target and prevent them from using the skill.

If used correctly, the match can be reversed with an Ulti of Doom, which is being used and used by many gamers in today’s matches. However, using Doom against summoning champions can be a bit difficult because sometimes it can be mistakenly used on summoned units.

5. Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is a strong piece and can play with many different strategies, it is necessary to fight to transform into a dragon as soon as possible. If combined with Dragon-type units, the Dragon Knight will turn into a dragon at the beginning of the match, then you should put the champion in the back to increase the amount of damage to your team absolutely, can be combined with the suit. Trolls.

6. Templar Assassin

Templar Assassin with Refraction skill is said to be a champion with the best damage and blocking today, this is an Assassin class with the ability to survive and is very dangerous for blood-loving generals in a 1vs1 situation. .

7. Light Keeper

This is a champion with Human Mage system that is not often used in the late game, Light Keeper has a long gong skill and has a risk of missing targets on the chessboard, so put the hero in the corner of the chessboard to optimize. damage, hit more targets.

8. Lone Druid

Lone Druid is a Beast Druid-type champion that is easiest to upgrade to 3 stars with the ability to summon 1 extra troop very strong in battle, the summoned unit has a large amount of health and damage, along with a locking effect. spend thanks to Passive Entangling Claws.

How to use 4 gold keys to understand the best in dota auto chess 3

9. Medusa

Medusa and Ulti are quite useful in freezing objects but still a not too strong skill, combined with Naga generals will increase magic resistance for the whole team.

10. Necrophos

Necrophos is a reasonable choice in optimizing the effects of the Warlock class, the healing effect for surrounding teammates is very beneficial when combined with other line-ups, to be able to optimize the power. Necrophos should be raised to 2 stars.

11. Alchemist

Alchemist has a skill to help optimize damage for formations that use physical damage as the main, in addition to a piece to complete the Goblin effect to increase 15 HP and 15 armor for all Goblin pieces. .
Above is a summary of 11 valuable generals 4 Gold in Dota Auto Chess Up to the present time, hopefully with this article, it will give players the most effective champion experience, to own these champions, you need a way to earn Gold as well as use it most effectively. In the game Dota Auto Chess, if you don’t have an effective Gold earning trick, follow the tutorial How to earn Gold in Dota Auto Chess here.

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