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There are many ways to increase FPS Rules of Survival to help players get the best experience when playing this game on phones. And with the ways suggested in the article below will be one of the best options to increase FPS Rules of Survival.

Rules of Survival is one of the survival games with beautiful graphics and quite high configuration today, in terms of graphics, Rules of Survival is not inferior to PUBG Mobile, there are even more reviews that Rules of Survival is more. great number of. However, that is not the main problem that we discuss here, so how to increase FPS Rules of Survival in case you play Rules of Survival not smoothly? The following guide will give you advice.

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What is FPS?

FPS is an acronym for Frame Per Secondmean display frames per second. You can understand that the more moving frames our eyes can see in 1 second, the smoother the image will be. That is, the higher the FPS, the smoother the game will be, and there will be no annoying frame jerking.

How to increase FPS Rules of Survival

Step 1: To increase the FPS Rules of Survival with this way, we will select the Settings item at the main interface of Rules of Survival.

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Step 2: Right in the Basic section we have the basic settings at Graphics right next to it that users need to pay attention to.

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Graphics section Includes 5 graphical display values ​​that the user needs to know.

– Excelent: Graphics at the highest level, weak players will experience lag.
– High: Set high level graphics in Rules of Survival.
– Balance: Set graphics balance suitable for all types of machines.
– Smooth: Set the graphics to be more FPS-oriented, making the game smooth.
– Low: Set the graphics to the lowest level, play Rules of Survival smoothly.

fps rules of survival 4

Section FPS Settings At the FPS Settings section, it gives us 3 custom frames, of course you should leave Standard as the most standard if the device is not too powerful, and if you own a mobile game specializing in gaming, we recommend leaving High or Ultra, However, to increase FPS Rules of Survival, Standard is the optimal choice.

The Shadow Settings section allows to set up the shadow, making the Rules of Survival game come alive with 5 values: Ultra, High, Medium, Low and none. Of course to increase FPS Rules of Survival recommend Low or None. Shading is not too important if you are not a meticulous person.

fps rules of survival 5

The Other Display Settings section is the last part, here only 1 thing we need to pay attention to is Auto Power Saving, do not turn on this feature even if you are playing Rules of Survival on PC or mobile because it accidentally reduces performance. of your computer down there.

fps rules of survival 6

Finally, go to the game to experience and see if you have increased the FPS Rules of Survival or not.

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Play Rules of Survival on PC

With an excellent Android emulator like Bluestacks, choosing to install Rules of Survival on PC is not a bad idea.install Rules of Survival on PC here and follow the instructions for details how to increase FPS Rules of Survival.

Above is a guide to increase FPS Rules of Survival, with how to increase FPS Rules of Survival a lot will help users to experience and fully enjoy Rules of Survival. In addition, choosing to play Rules of Survival on the computer is also an option that we think is quite good and suitable for those who have a computer. So why not try playing Rules of Survival on your computer because you’re playing on a tiny smartphone.

In addition to the Rules of Survival itself, PUBG Mobile is also a game that can be played on PC similar to Rules of Survival. How to play PUBG Mobile on a computer is similar to Rules of Survival because they all use Bluestacks Android emulator software. Then why not apply to be able to play PUBG Mobile on your computer right now.
PUBG Mobile is also an attractive survival game on phones today, if you are playing the game and feel the screen is laggy, please refer to how increase FPS PUBG Mobile that we introduced.

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