Instructions to get secret armor in Mega Man X5

Megaman x5 2 - Emergenceingame

Megaman X5 is the 5th version of the famous role-playing game series of Capcom that allows players to transform into a brave robot guy to protect earth peace. The following article will guide you how to get Black Zero and some special armor for X.

Ways to get Black Zero:

When starting Start game, choose the character Zero Press the up arrow twice and the down arrow nine times, if possible you will hear a sound wishing you success and press Enter.

Method 2 is to go to stage Zero Virus 3 to get the Capsule Dr. Light dedicated to Z.

Mega Man X5

Zero in black armor

Ways to get Ultimate Armor for X:

Method 1:

When choosing the character at the start of the game, do the opposite of Zero ie Press the down button twice and the up button 9 times and then Enter.

Method 2:

Here’s how to get armor Ultimate Armor and also the only way to own all 4 armor. In the curtain Zero Virus 3, go to fight with Zero / X, in the middle of the screen there will be a deep hole, climb the right wall, slide down.

To see if there is the right hole to look for, you can try sliding it down. If the screen moves, it’s fine, but if the screen doesn’t move, jump up immediately to avoid losing your life. Once you get into the hole, notice a gap behind the wall below, that is where the armor is hidden.

Mega Man

X in the Ultimate Armor secret

Refer to the video instructions on how to get Ultimate Armor:

The following will be a guide to the control keys in the game, helping you get acquainted faster instead of tinkering with yourself.

  • Z key: Slide (Dash)
  • X key: Jump
  • Key C: X Buster, Z Saber (Normal Attack)
  • Key V: Special Attack
  • Key A: Change weapons
  • Key S: Change weapons
  • Key D: Giga Attack
  • Key ↓: Move down
  • Key ↑: Move up
  • Key →: Scroll right
  • ←: Move left
  • Enter key: Opens the Menu window
  • Keys [SPACE]: Choose a weapon

And some key combinations:

  • → + →: Dash to the right or Air Dash to the right while in the air
  • ← + ←: Dash to the right or Air Dash to the right while in the air
  • X + →: Jump to the right
  • X + ←: Jump to the left
  • Z + X + ↑: Dash – Jump to the top
  • Z + X + →: Dash – Jump to the right
  • Z + X + ←: Dash – Jump to the left
  • ↑ + X (While in Ride Armor): Jump out of Ride Armor

Wish you success and have hours of fun with the action game Megaman X5. You can consult and download other versions of the game Megaman here.

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