Instructions for playing the game Adorable Home, the game of raising cats

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Are you longing to have a loving life with your partner and cute, adorable cats? Adorable Home will be a simulation game to help you realize this dream, learn how to play Adorable Home with in the article below.

Adorable Home is a game of the genre simulation game is very popular on 2 mobile platforms iOS and Android today. This game is developed by HyperBeard – The father of gentle simulation games loved by many players such as: Tsuki Adventure, Klepto Cat… Your main task in Adorable Home is to decorate the house for character and pet cat.

cute home game adorable home game

Adorable Home – The most attractive cat farming simulation game today

Instructions for playing the game Adorable Home, the game of raising cats

If you have not downloaded this game to your phone, you can download the game Android, iOS and APK versions by following the link below:

– Download Adorable Home for Android
– Download Adorable Home for iPhone
– Download Adorable Home apk

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First, when you start the game, you proceed language selection during play

play adorable home game

Selection character type want to play in the game and to name for your character

adorable home for android

adorable home for iphone

Next choose a life partner Accompany your character in the game Adorable Home and also proceed to name for this character

adorable home game

hack adorable home game

The main jobs that you need to do in Adorable Home are:

+ Collect and earn Love

Adorable Home is a cat raising game, so of course there will be a lot of cats in the game. However, at the beginning of the game, you will only receive a white cat. More cats in the game will help you get more Love and the house will be filled with a cute, funny cat world.

You can earn more Love by watching ads or recharge by clicking on the Heart icon with the + sign located in the top right corner. Besides, clicking on the cat and doing actions such as: Stroking, clipping or bathing the cat will also help you increase Love in the game.

cheat game adorable home

cute home game adorable home game 9

+ Caring for cats

By selecting on the bowl icon with the word Cat and choosing the food for the cat to eat. Depending on the type of food, it will consume different Love.

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cute home game adorable home game 11

+ Decorate the house

Selecting the house icon in the game Adorable Home will help you to buy decorations for your character’s house. Use the earned Love to buy different items, including: TV, Sofa, refrigerator, picture frame…

cute home game adorable home game 12

cute home game adorable home game 13

The items and items that you have purchased will be stored in the section: Mine.

The lovely moments that you can save in the process of raising and taking care of cats will be in the section: Moments.

Above is a tutorial on playing the Adorable Home game that would like to introduce to you. Also, you can play Adorable Home on computer. Exploding Cats is also a game that many players love today, you can refer to how Play Exploding Cat Exploding Kittens game HERE.
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