Instructions for getting free Black Desert game

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Right now gamers can own the super role-playing game Black Desert Online for free with just a few simple steps, this is a better opportunity for those who want to play but don’t like to spend money.

Experiencing a massive open world and immersing yourself in a stunning graphic MMORPG, Black Desert transports players to an ancient world and uncovers the mystery surrounding an ancient civilization.

Black desert game black desert

Super classic role-playing game on PC

How to get free Black Desert Online game

Step 1: Gamers who want to get Black Desert game for free need to visit the link Here and then fill in the information, account Email individual, date of birth and accumulate rules of the game, click Pre-Register.

Black desert 2 game black desert 2

Step 2: After successful registration, a notice board appears, here you choose the area to participate in playing Black Desert Online and the operating system. PC, Xbox or PS4, click Play completed.

Black Desert 3 Game Black Desert 3

Step 3: At this point you will receive 1 code Code to download Black Desert game for free, select the button Redeem Coupon to use.

Black Desert 4 Game Black Desert 4

Step 4: The system automatically redirects you to the homepage of the Black Desert game, log in to your game account if you have one or use your account Facebook, account Steam all right. If you like new registration then choose Sign Up.

Black Desert 5 Game Black Desert 5

Step 5: Account login is complete, you fill in Code in step 3 enter as shown below and click Use.

Black Desert 6 Game Black Desert 6

Step 6: With the above steps, you already own the game Black Desert Online completely free without spending a dime. All you have to do is download the client here. Log in to your account and install the game and let’s fight.

Black Desert 7 Game Black Desert 7

Hopefully with the above article by Taimienphi, it will help you to own Free MMORPG Black Desert, explore the large open world, move through all the lands, collect materials and upgrade equipment for the journey. program later.
Now gamers can also get The Messenger on Epic Games for free, the event period starts from November 14 to the end of November 21, 2019. Hurry up to get the 2D graphic adventure game.

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