Instructions for building a squad of Rebellious Breakout Teamfight Tactics – TFT version 10.17

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Jinx General is and will be used a lot in the next update’s Pope Francis 10.17. Not only the return of her, but it also comes with it Rebel clan has also appeared in many ranked matches. Today Funny game will introduce you to team building Latest Teamfight Tactics – TFT Rebellious Breakout in the lower part of the article.

Rebellion Exploding DTCL 10.17 10.18

Truth arena season 3 with the Rebellion – Breakout formation

1. The strengths and weaknesses of the squad in the style of Rage Explosion


There are elements of great damage, great control and the discomfort coming from the rebel’s virtual armor with the ability to absorb mana of Aurelion Sol.


Depends on the equipment prepared for Gangplank and Jinx can completely be countered by Ekko.

2. Standard lineup list:

test1 - Emergenceingame

Champion 1 gold – Malphite, Ziggs:



Chess 2 gold – Yasuo:


3 gold champions – Ezreal, Master Yi:


Master Yi

4 gold champions – Jinx, Riven:



5 gold champions – Aurelion Sol, Gangplank:

Aurelion Sol


3. The main card and the right equipment

With Outbreak Rebellion squad hey we have 3 main cards is Jinx, Aurelion Sol and Gangplank.

Equipment needed will be

  • Jinx: Cannon Barrage, Red buff and Giant Extermination.
  • Aurelion Sol: Vong Yin.
  • Gangplank: Angel Armor and Lightning Crossbow.

4. Build squad according to each match phase

Early Matches:

First round of the market, pick up the sword equipment first BF to match dame equipment for Jinx, give priority to buy 1 gold cards – Malphite, Ziggs and 2 gold – Yasuo.

Between Matches:

Priority to buy 3 gold generals – Ezreal, Master Yi, 4 gold – Jinx, Riven to complete the deck on level 7 combinations (2 gunner, 4 rebellion and 2 time no). Hint: Place a gunner card on the board and match him to wait until Jinx appears to hold blood.

End of Game:

At the end of the game is the time when our squad is at full power, placing two 5 gold cards – Aurelion Sol and Gangplank on the board.

5. Notes on playing Rampage Squad

Make sure there is 1 temporary gunner for your position Jinx as Lucian or Graves to keep the blood waiting until the end of the game.

6. Overview:

This is a pretty strong lineup in the current version, so you should apply it to climb the rankings before the rebellious generals lose power.

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