Instructions for adding emoticons on Play Together

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Play Together is a life simulation game that is extremely familiar and interested by many people today. In this game we will transform into a resident in the city and participate in the town’s activities like outside life such as: fishing, going to school, building a house,… Especially in the game play this we can use expressions with surrounding players.

These expressions in the game will include action expressions, not simply an icon that is shown. To help all players can use emoticons in this game, today will introduce the article instructions for adding emoticons on Play Together, invite you to consult.

Instructions for using emoticons on Play Together

Step 1: First, we will Open and log in Play Together game account on your phone.

Step 2: When you have successfully logged into the game account, at the main interface of the game click on phone icon on the right side of the screen.

Tap the phone icon

Step 3: Now in the Utilities window of the game, click on the item Decorate.

Click on Decoration

Step 4: At the part that changes the character’s appearance, tap face icon.

Tap the face icon

Step 5: Later, Select the emoticon, tick any icon you want to add. If they have a green check mark, they are already in the emote list.

Select the emoji you want to add

Step 6: Return to the main interface of the game, click emoticon at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the emoji

Step 7: When at the bottom of the screen, the emoticons you just added, please touch emoji that you want to use and expose to the outside for everyone to see.

Touch emoji

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Wishing you success!

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