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Infinite Galaxy is a strategy game set in space, where you gather resources, grow your fleet and build alliances to defeat the Empire. However, for new players Infinite Galaxy these things are not easy. Therefore, pocket the following Infinite Galaxy beginners tips to enter the game world with the most confidence.

The strategy game Infinite Galaxy focuses on two aspects of fighting and development. Here, your goal is to defeat the Empire to avenge the Union destroyed by this force many years ago. Starting with a single warship and aerospace, you will build and develop forces to fight against enemies.

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Instructions for playing Infinite Galaxy for beginners simplest and most effective

Strategy games in general have never been easy and neither is Infinite Galaxy because you have so much to do in the game. To make the path to becoming a ruler of the galaxy easier, will share some Infinite Galaxy information and game tips that any newcomer needs to know.

Infinite Galaxy game info and tips for newbies

1. Control of ships

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In the battle screen, you can order the warship to move by selecting it and dragging the cursor to the desired location. In the lower left corner of the screen there are 2 timers that show when your reinforcements and enemies will arrive. The bottom right corner of the screen is divided into 3 areas:

– Types of guns equipped on the warship: Each type has its own reload time.

Overall durability of battleships: Divided into shields (blue) and HP (green).

– 2 activation skills: Missiles automatically aim at nearby targets and nuclear weapons manually activated.

2. Aerospace – the base of your operations

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Spaceport or aerospace acts as your base of operations. This place is divided into 9 areas that you can upgrade with resources:

– Command Center: Upgrading this command center is a prerequisite for upgrading other areas.

– Miliary Dock: The main shipyard. Upgrades to improve shipbuilding speed. You can build 3 types of ships: Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser.

– Flagship Dock: Maintenance and upgrade ships. Upgrades to improve warship maintenance speed.

– Storage Center: Protect collected resources. Upgrade to increase the amount of protected resources.

– Defense Center: Manage defense systems of Spaceport. Upgrades to improve endurance and weapons.

– Research Center: Conduct research projects. Upgrade to unlock higher research levels.

– Exploration Center: Detect and collect information about star systems.

– Repair Center: Repair of ships. Upgrades to increase the number of ships and speed of repairs.

– Embassy: Control the number of reinforcements from your allies and how many times they can help you. Upgrade to increase both of the above stats.

3. Types of resources

When you first play Infinite Galaxy, you have 2 main types of resources to collect and manage: Titanium and Deuterium. They are located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Khorium is the game’s premium currency, used to buy instant upgrades. Later, you will unlock other types of resources like Nickel and Plasma. Currently, only the first 2 types of resources are important.

4. Crew members recruitment and development

You have to be sharp if you want to survive and research will be of great help. Spaceport’s research center has 4 different topics, although you can only research 1 of them at a time: Resources (increasing the speed of gathering and producing resources), Development (improving many aspects of Spaceport), Military (unlock higher warship level and increase attributes) and Command (unlock additional warships position in the twin ships, improve the warships’ stats and the defense of the Spaceport).

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You also have the option to recruit crew members. Each member has 4 stats: Command (warship buff), Combat (buff of the warship), Tech (the weapon buff and the defenses of Spaceport) and Logistics (collecting and managing resources).

5. Alliances and opponents

You can play the game on your own, but one of the key things to getting deeper into the game is joining an alliance. In the long run, the Alliance can assist you in extremely complex battles against super powerful opponents.

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Alliances may have their own requirements for minimum strength level and minimum Spacesport level. You can only join an alliance if these 2 requirements are met. As a member of an Alliance, time for shipbuilding and research is reduced. You will be able to collect resources from planets in the territory of the Union. Alliance members can send reinforcements to each other and upon completing Alliance activities, players will receive honor points, which are exchanged for rewards such as warship blueprints.

6. Start up and operate your fleet

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Here are some pointers to stay on top:

– Build warships as often as possible: You will not only grow your fleet, but also protect Spaceport more effectively.

– Focus on research and building cruisers (Cruisers): Cruisers provide substantial firepower and are more likely to survive better in mortal battles

– Get access to the Spaceport Teleportation as soon as possible: This allows you to move Spaceport to a more advantageous location like near a member in an Alliance, where there are a lot of resources or to get out of a dangerous situation.

– Assign appropriate missions for Flagships: An excellent PvP fleet is led by a Flagship with good combat attributes. Meanwhile, the resource gathering fleet should be led by a Flagship that offers bonuses for resource gathering or movement speed.

– Donate resources to the Alliance: When joining an Alliance, don’t forget to donate a portion of your resources. This will help develop the Alliance.

– Find out what the Alliance requires before joining: Some alliances form for combat and this requires you to be more active. Other Alliances may be more comfortable and you won’t need to log into the game as often.

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Above are some information and tips to play Infinite Galaxy for beginners. Hope what is shared in the article can help you to liberate or conquer the galaxy in a more favorable way.
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