If Thanos attacks, will you die or not? This site will tell you

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In Avengers Infinity Warmany fans must have known the crazy Titan Thanos just succeeded in wiping out half of the universe with the unimaginable power of the Infinity Gauntlet. The Avengers force therefore had to receive heavy damage, not to mention how many innocent beings across the universe suddenly one day flew into dust.


But have you ever wondered if Thanos really attacked the Earth and defeated the Avengers, where would you be in that 50-50 probability? Will there be an opportunity with the survivors to rebuild what was lost and wait for revenge, or do you become a victim in the great destruction at the hands of Thanos?


No one can know… except this Website. Yes correct. You never heard wrong. Fan community Avengers Infinity War Just appeared a Website with the sole task of seeing who died after Thanos’ snap. Name Didthanoskill.me, this website only has exactly 2 messages.. one is “You were killed by Thanos for a great cause” and the other is “You were spared by Thanos..”. Only 2 very simple results and completely according to the 50 – 50 probability of this crazy Titan.

Therefore, if you want to know what your destiny is, you just need to head straight to the address and tell Emergenceingame.Com what your results are:

You can also go HERE to watch the movie live.

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