How to verify Facebook identity with identity documents

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Your Facebook account has been reported or hacked by a bad guy, so you can use Facebook’s identity verification method to get back your Facebook account. For the main Facebook, used for a long time to keep in touch and do business, it is very necessary to save this way to get back Facebook.

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Fake accounts, accounts reported as lost are two of the many cases where Facebook identity verification is required. There are also many ways to verify and in this article let’s find out together guide to verify Facebook identity with identification documents is how.

how to verify facebook celebrity identity

Verify Facebook identity with effective ID

Instructions to verify Facebook identity with identification documents

1. Why verify Facebook identity?

Facebook always requires users to use their correct first and last name to make sure this is your real account. But often users like to give strange names such as names in comic characters, names of characters in movies, this increases the risk of scamming others in Facebook.

how to verify facebook celebrity identity

Job Facebook account verification is to secure your account, identify it as a genuine account on Facebook.

2. Which Facebook accounts will have to be verified?

Usually when we first set up Facebook we are allowed to freely use names, with some accounts, sometimes 6 to 7 years old, there is no need to verify anything. However, if Facebook suspects your account is fake or someone reports you on Facebook, this is a fake account. At this point, the Facebook administrator will review and make a decision to lock your Facebook account and request authentication, specifically to verify your Facebook identity.

3. What kind of documents does Facebook accept?

When it comes to Facebook identity verification, we will immediately think of identification documents, so in addition to people’s identity cards, what types of documents are accepted by Facebook to verify Facebook’s identity.

– The ID card is still valid.
– Original birth certificate, copies are not accepted (including notarization).
– Driver’s license with expiry date, clear information.
– Passport, foreign visa if any.
– Marriage certificate (not all countries apply).
– Official name change documents (not all countries apply).
– Types of personal insurance cards, vehicle insurance.
– Government-issued identification documents to prove who you are.
– Entry registration card (not all countries support).
– Your personal tax code card.

In addition to groups on Facebook, a number of other documents are also accepted, but these documents must be 100% the same information that you require to verify your Facebook identity with identification.

– Bank statement you are using.
– Some types of public transport cards such as bus tickets.
– Bank credit cards, checks.
– Library card, workplace confirmation card (employee card), membership card, etc.
– Student ID card, transcript, social security card or medical record.
– Types of invoices, contracts, degrees or license cards.

4. Instructions for verifying Facebook identity on a computer

There is nothing to help you verify your Facebook identity with identification and specifically here is the people’s identity card, so we will use the people’s identity card to verify Facebook’s identity.

Step 1: First to verify Facebook identity we have to take a photo photo of the front of the ID cardrequires all information to be clear and not blurred.

how to verify facebook celebrity status but 3

Likewise you must cover the back side. In the picture we have covered up parts of the information so that readers know it is an example, but if you verify your Facebook identity, you must leave it unedited.

how to verify facebook star's identity but 4

Step 2: Once you’re done taking a photo, tap the link HERE also known as Link 339 Facebook to conduct Facebook identity verification with identification.

– Scroll down to the bottom and enter the Email address you need to verify and in the section select filechoose to get the 2 files taken just now.

how to verify facebook celebrity name but 5

Step 3: Here you just need to point to the place where you saved those 2 ID photos Open All 2.

how to verify facebook celebrity status but 6

Step 4: After successfully uploading the photo, we proceed to send information to verify Facebook identity. After this step, your task is to wait until a reply from Facebook arrives in your Gmail.

how to verify facebook celebrity's identity but 7

Step 5: If there is a reply like below, the Facebook identity verification is complete and now you just need to re-enter your account. If it is refused, you need another document to prove it or take a photo.

how to verify facebook star's identity but more than 8

5. Instructions for verifying your Facebook identity on your phone

To verify your identity on Facebook by phone, you can also do the same things like using a computer or see more detailed instructions Here.

Above is how to verify Facebook identity with identification documents, with the above way will give you a quick opportunity to verify Facebook identity. With a Facebook account that always needs the necessary protection, activate 2-layer security for Facebook to be more secure, how to activate it 2 layer security for Facebook It is also a simple measure that users can implement.
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