How to change FPT wifi password, change Gpon modem wifi password

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How to change FPT wifi password? When you change the wifi password, the network connection speed will increase and be more stable, and at the same time, it will effectively limit the use of the network by strangers. In this article, will guide you how to change the wifi pass of ftp modem Gpon, for your reference.

This article helps you:
– Get password, access account
– Change password for wifi FPT easily

Most users today, when using a modem to broadcast wifi, often have to know how to change their wifi password in order to change their wifi password more often as well as prevent others from regularly stealing their wifi pass.

Open wifi connection FPT

Change FPT wifi password easily, speed up your network connection

Usually, after installing the modem, the support staff will set you any code as a password. However, after a while of use, you will need to change the FPT wifi password, please refer to how to change the wifi password of ftp modem Gpon below.

If the user wants to change the wifi password on the phone, please see the detailed article How to change wifi password by phone

How to change wifi password fpt, ​​change wifi password ftp modem Gpon

Step 1: First you connect the GPon modem to the computer via network wire or Wifi

open wifi connection ftp

Step 2: Go to the address with the same username and password admin (default)
– User: admin
– Password: admin

Normally, the user and password to log in to the GPon modem are admin and admin.
– In some cases, you have changed the modem password but don’t remember it. At this point you need to ask for the help of network staff, but do not rush to “poke” the RESET button on the modem, it will lose the configuration of your home internet account.
– To know the exact login address is or changed to another ip range, open RUNtype CMDtype ipconfigpress Entersection Default Gateway is your login address.

open wifi connection ftpt

Step 3: Go to card Network ->Section WIFI

You name the Wifi network at SSID Name
Set password for Wifi network at WPA Key
Then choose Save

  wifi password ftp

That is has shown you how to change the wifi password fpt with Gpon fiber optic modem. After saving the password, you need to wait about 5-10 seconds for the modem to set up and restart. After changing the fpt wifi password, limit it to outsiders, because they may be the cause of your network problems in the future. Besides, For your reference wifi modem location to find the best location for your wifi modem

If you use Viettel’s model, you can refer to how to change Dlink wifi pass to change your wifi password more often to help you block the use of wifi by other devices such as phones, computers, The steps to change the Dlink wifi pass are also done similarly with the modems of the same Viettel brand.

What is the account, password to log in to the network modem? How is the account information logged into All the necessary account information has been synthesized by with many different modems so you can quickly access your modem settings page.

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