How to update IDM using Quick Updates

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Quick update is a quick version upgrade feature in IDM (Internet Download Manager) that allows users to upgrade their IDM version after downloading and installing IDM in the system in less than a minute.
With the strength of simplicity, support for many web browsers and quick link capture, good video download, the software Internet Download Manager (also known as IDM) is used by many people and is considered one of the most used products in the Internet user community. Although used a lot, but very few people know how to update the new version for IDM in a short time. The following article will show you how to upgrade the software that supports downloading IDM easily and less time-consuming compared to other common ways with this feature. Quick Update (aka quick upgrade), a feature built into IDM

Using Quick Update feature in IDM

Every time when IDM upgrade to a new version, it usually comes with a few new features that are added or fixed previously caused errors as well as new support for the software… Updating them is the thing. necessary to help your computer always receive the best updates. You can download the latest version of the software here:

– Download Internet Download Manager (IDM) latest version: Download IDM

Three steps to update IDM from the old version installed on your computer:

Step 1: You start IDM. After the interface of the software appears, select the tab bar “Help“. Next you hover and click on the words “Check For UpDates“.

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Step 2: Wrong after checking the version IDM then a notice board will appear.

– If IDM If you haven’t upgraded to the latest version, click the box that says “Update Now“. Afterward, IDM will automatically download the upgrade to your computer shortly.


Step 3: After downloading, just open the downloaded file to install. After the installation is complete, a window will appear indicating that the upgrade is complete and asking the user to press the button Finish.

Quick update in IDM

With Quick Update, you will not have to spend as much time upgrading your IDM as before. This also brings a lot of benefits to users. For example, regularly upgrading IDM will help this download support software have better download speed. In addition, upgraded versions will often bring users new features provided by the developer. In addition, the regular upgrading of IDM also helps this software to complete the limitations of previous versions and to be compatible with new versions of web browsers. In the process of using IDM to download music and videos, but there are some cases where IDM does not catch music and video links in the browser, which makes downloading music and videos impossible, the cause of IDM not starting Music and video links may be due to the old version of IDM or accidentally you have unchecked the download file type of IDM.

In addition to IDM software, you should also try other software but have the same function as IDM, can even replace IDM. See more articles about Top video downloader software to replace IDM.

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