How to unfriend Zalo on iPhone, delete Zalo friends on iPhone

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Unfriending Zalo on iPhone is the fastest way to help you delete unwanted friends or no longer need to chat and exchange, and the way to unfriend Zalo on iPhone will be somewhat different than deleting friends. Zalo on iPhone.

When there is no longer a need to chat Zalo or receive information from someone, you can unfriend Zalo with them to block all notifications and display on your wall anymore. On version Zalo for iPhone, After logging in to Zalo on iPhone, users will be asked to turn on location, choose friend suggestions to make friends. There are many people who have accidentally made friends by mistake on unwanted user suggestions, this makes them feel uncomfortable every time they log in to Zalo and surf, and that’s why they want to unfriend Zalo on iPhone. to eliminate distractions.

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How to unfriend Zalo on iPhone, delete Zalo friends on iPhone

Step 1: Enter the Contacts icon on Zalo for iPhone. Then continue to select the person you want to unfriend and delete you Zalo.Swipe from right to left of the user Zalo for iPhone wants to delete you.

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Click on the red trash can icon to delete you Zalo

Step 2: Or if you don’t want to unfriend Zalo but just want to block this user, click on the “three dashes” icon then select Block this person Please.

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So you don’t unfriend Zalo with them, but actually just block from receiving notifications, posts or messages from that user anymore.

As once shared about how to delete you Zalo for Android and delete you Zalo on your computer, all these ways of deleting have different ways of doing it. The reason is partly due to the different interface of the application.

After unfriending Zalo on iPhone, it also means that if you want to make Zalo friends again, you will have to send a friend request to that user and wait for them to accept, so making Zalo friends will be impossible. resistance if you unfortunately unfriend Zalo on iPhone only.
Wish you will have the best experience with Zalo.

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