Appears a new game to support the LGBTQ community

Xuat hien game moi ung ho cong dong LGBTQ57puS - Emergenceingame

GYEE is a game that is really aimed at LGBTQ gaming community. This could be a gimmick to attract gamers’ attention LGBTQ because the trailer below is for Southeast Asia – where homosexuality is not really accepted. However, GYEE has the same gameplay as a regular RPG, where players can team up by recruiting Gyees. And Gyee here is obviously gay.

Taiwanese developer, Kiwifruit Studio stated that in the virtual world of Luxium, “for every 20 people, there will be 1 Gyee”. The choices the player makes will help the character get through the tough times of being misunderstood or discriminated against. According to news from Taiwan, the game will join the parade Taiwan Pride Upcoming. What do you think about GYEE? Is this game really good enough to represent the LGBTQ community?


Readers can download the game at the following link: Google Play and Appstore.​

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