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Surely when online, there was a time when you found a very good website, but there was an annoying background sound somewhere. Then surely you just want to turn off the sound of that website to focus on reading the content. This article will share with you how to turn off the default sound on the website.

To disable the sound on the default website, we recommend using the backend add-on. Below are all lightweight extensions used by the online community around the world.

How to turn off the sound on the radiondefault web site

1. Firefox (Download and Install Firefox)

The following two Add-ons will help you when browsing the web:

Audio Controller: This is a firefox add-on that allows you to mute the sound in the open tab via an add-on bar icon.

sound on the mac Dinh website

You can click directly on the icon of the Add-on or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-CODE.

Flash Block: This is a very good add-on, which helps you to turn off all autoplay videos, besides it also helps you to remove unwanted ads in Firefox. Flash Block is displayed on the add-on bar via a flash icon.

tat am website

Click on this icon to play the video according to your wish.

I am a website

2. Google Chrome (Download and InstallChrome)

Mute Tab: Is a great extension for Chrome browser users. It helps you control the sound on the tabs quickly. In addition, it also helps you to do some of the following tasks:

  • Determine where the sound is coming from by getting a list of possible sound sources, or trace the source of the sound.
  • Control the sound of a tab, all tabs, or all tabs except the current tab – from the toolbar icon or disable all default background sounds.

tat am bar on mac Dinh website, tat am bar on website, tat am on website

3. Opera (Download and Install Opera)

Like Firefox and Chomre, Opera doesn’t provide any options that allow you to turn off the sound when browsing the web, but you have to install additional external utilities. There is a very good utility that you can use that is Flash Mute. When you finish installing this add-on, just press the . key CTRL + ALT + CODE to mute the sound.

cach tat am thanh tren trang web mac dinh 4 - Emergenceingame
Above are the extensions that help you turn off the sound on the default website. In addition, if you do not want to install a browser, you can turn off the sound of the entire computer system when surfing the web to avoid trouble. In addition, we also Facebook sound off. If interested, please drop by to check it out.

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