How to reset TP link wifi modem, reset TP Link modem

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In case you forget the password to log in to the TP-Link router and worse, someone knows the password and changes the wifi password, making you unable to access wifi and access the Internet but normally again. The only solution is to reset the TP-Link Wifi router, but how to reset the TP-Link wifi router is not simple.

By default, the TP-Link router’s username and password is admin. However, if you or someone else changes the wifi password and no longer remembers that password, you will no longer be able to access wifi, worse, you will not be able to access the modem, router configuration page to change. wifi password and make wifi transmitter again. In this case, you need to reset the router, TP-Link modem to default and reconfigure as a new device.

reset wifi tplink

How to reset TP-link wifi router, reconfigure TP-Link wifi

How to reset TP link wifi modem, reset TP Link modem

Method 1: Use the Reset button located on the back of the modem, TP-Link wifi router

Plug in the power to the Wireless Router, Press and hold the Reset button (red circle) for about 10 seconds, until all the lights are on at the same time and then turn off, then you release your hand from the device and wait for it to restart.

reset modem tplink

*Note: You need to always turn on the router before the router is restarted. The default login IP address is and, or you can also type the address to log in and the username and password are both: admin.

In addition, you also need to make sure that you have configured the IP address with a subnet mask of 255.255.0 and an IP address of the form 19.168.0.X (X is in the range 2 > 253).

Method 2: Use the modem and router configuration page to reset the TP-Link wifi router

Step 1: Access the TP-Link modem and wifi router settings and configuration page by entering the following command in the address bar:

reset tplink wifi router

Each modem has a different login name and access password to access the modem configuration page, change the wifi password or even change the TP-Link wifi admin username and password.

To know the list of wifi usernames of modems, you can refer to the article that summarizes the list of wifi usernames for each type of modem that has shared.

Step 2: Click on item System Tools >Reboot >Reboot and press OK to reset the Tp-Link wifi router.

reset modem tp link

reset tplink modem

Even if you want to clear all settings and reset the TP-Link router back to the factory state, you can choose to continue Factory Defaults >Restore to reboot and reset the TP-Link router.

reset wifi does not work

TP-Link Router is a tool to capture the network from the modem and broadcast wifi to other devices, but this wifi transmitter also often encounters many problems that users often face, such as forgetting the wifi password. and cannot log in anymore, then if you want to enter, users have to apply many different ways to retrieve the wifi password, including resetting the TP-Link router.
Also related to how to configure the TP-Link router for faster network coverage and speed, readers can learn detailed instructions on the wifi modem locationwifi router to make the most reasonable, increase coverage and speed wifi easily.

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