How to turn off ads in the game Hunter Assassin

As for any entertaining Mobile game, the ads are what pay the developer’s bills, so if you start to find them annoying, Taimienphi will guide you to turn off ads in Hunter Assassin, to experience experience is better.

Every time you complete one or more levels, the advertising interfaces in the Hunter Assassin game will automatically appear, they can help you get more Diamonds or unlock characters more easily, in case you don’t like it. can turn them off immediately.

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Tips to remove ads from Hunter Assassin

How to turn off ads in the game Hunter Assassin

There are many ways for Hunter Assassin players to turn off or completely remove the ads that appear in the game, but so you really won’t be able to afford to own the character behind, that form of ad viewing. is a way of saying thank you for a game and encouraging developers to create more.

To turn off ads in Hunter Assassin game, you must first exit the game and then do the work of turning off WiFi/or Mobile Internet. Sometimes there are a lot of people who think that Hunter Assassin is an online game but that is completely wrong, you can still play Offline normally and now there will definitely be no ads to bother you anymore.

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However, disabling ads in Hunter Assassin has a downside, apart from unlocking the aforementioned character you also can’t unlock any rewards from watching ads, in the end it can make the journey Your game becomes a lot more difficult, because each character in the game has its own special ability, there are characters that speed up running, and there are also people who increase health percentages.

If in the process of playing Hunter Assassin game on your phone, you feel that the manipulation and character control are not smooth or unfamiliar. please try play Hunter Assassin on computer see, make sure they are equally interesting and the installation steps are simple, you can refer to the method in Taimienphi’s link.

Link download game Hunter Assassin
It can be said that Hunter Assassin is actually an intellectual puzzle game with attractive one-touch controls on Mobile, you can play them anywhere without Wifi or 3G.
– Link to download Android version: Hunter Assassin for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Hunter Assassin for iPhone

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