How to search emails on Gmail by file size

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Gmail is an email service that provides users with many utilities, including some hidden features that users can use to create a better experience such as searching for emails on Gmail by file size. . Taimienphi will guide you how to search emails on Gmail by capacity.

Gmail is Google’s email service, when you sign up for gmail, your account allows you to communicate, send and receive emails to others with many preeminent support features as well as popularity. Nearly everyone knows and conducts gmail registration as well as regular use of this email service. Because it is a service of Google, Gmail has built-in this superior search engine with optimal filters for users. Not only filtering content, Gmail also has the ability to allow users to Filter email content by file size.

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For ordinary users, in addition to Search email by subject or keyword, users can still filter emails by file size, the implementation is very simple. Taimienphi will guide you about the mechanism to search gmail through this capacity.

Search emails on Gmail by capacity

First of all, you need to log in to your gmail, how to log in to gmail is very simple, just open the web and search for the link with the keyword gmail.

Find large emails

Very simple, users just need to type in the search bar

Size:sizeMB (size is in MB)

The email filter will filter emails that are larger than the value you set on the search engine.

In addition, you can also filter out senders by the syntax

Sender Name Size:sizeMB

Collect email messages on gmail according to file size

Find emails that are small in size

Similar to the way above with large files, you can also find files with a size less than 1 level you set by the syntax


Similar to mail with large capacity, you can apply the same syntax for small files

Collect email messages on gmail according to file size 2

Find emails with capacity range

According to the above 2 search syntax, you can also search for emails within the range you set out in the email.

For example, you want to search and filter out emails with size larger than 5MB and less than 10MByou will use the syntax

Larger: 5MB smaller: 10MB

Collect email messages on gmail according to file size 3
Thus, you can filter out the emails you need to search based on file size with just a few simple syntaxes similar to searching for information on Google. In addition to Gmail, you can gradually switch to reading emails in gmail, a newly launched email browsing service of Google

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