How to enable sales on Facebook

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If you don’t like selling on the Facebook Fanpage page, you can completely sell with your personal page by using the Marketplace function, when this Facebook selling feature is turned on, you can post pictures, create levels prices for items for sale, manage product information when posted such as: number of views, number of people sharing sales articles…

Facebook is not only an application to entertain, exchange and make friends, it is also a “fertile land” that users can take advantage of for business and trade. Selling on Facebook with Fanpage for many people will be hindered by not being able to reach many customers and having to run ads to attract these users. Selling on Facebook with the introduction of Marketplace will help you reduce the above worries when this feature can reach people around the area of ​​​​the product or item for sale at a cost of 0 VND.

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Guide to selling on Facebook with Marketplace

How to enable sales on Facebook

1. Benefits of selling on Facebook with Marketplace

+ Reach a wide range of customers
+ Reach many users around the area where the items are for sale
+ Quickly upload to other participating business and business groups
+ Posting a lot of information: Images, sizes, prices, status… of products, items for sale.
+ Manage the number of users and customers who have access to product posts, selling items.

2. How to enable selling on Facebook with Marketplace

Step 1: At the main interface of the Facebook application, select 3 dashes icon –> Select to function Marketplace.

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Step 2: Next, you choose Black humanoid icon.

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Step 3: In the next window, click: Create a new listing. Selling on Facebook with Marketplace will allow users to post areas including:

+ Item

+ Vehicles

+ House for sale or rent

+ Jobs

Make a selection on the item you want to publish on Marketplace. As the instructions below, will select the item item.

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Step 4: In the “New Listing” window of Marketplace, you proceed to enter all the information about the items and products to be listed for sale. Main items that you need to enter here so that the buyer needs to know the information, including:

+ Title (Product name, item)

+ Price (Unit: VND)

+ Category (Household appliances, electronics, machinery…_)

+ Condition (New, used, old…)

+ Brand

+ Location (Where products are sold)

The remaining items such as: Size, product description, product tags are not important and are optional. You can enter or not.

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If there is a need to deliver goods directly (Ship goods) to customers, you activate the function Delivery available by dragging the dot to the right.

After completing the information about the sale on Facebook with Marketplace, click Next . By default, this post will be published on Marketplace, you can add to other groups that you have joined by checking that group. Once done, select Post.

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Step 5: Wait for a while for the post to be published. After successfully posting, you select the product name.

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Here you can manage the information about the post of the item or product being sold. Track the number of people reaching, viewing articles.

+ If you need to edit prices and product information, you can choose the function: Edit listings.

+ If the product is out of stock or no longer needs to be sold, you can select the item: Mark as out of stock or Delete listing.

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With the information shared above, you now know how to enable selling on Facebook with Marketplace, right? Find out now how Selling on Facebook successfully has many orders HERE

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