How to repair fields in the empire when slashed

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Any game, players have their own tricks, and in the game Empire, AOE too, today will guide you how to repair fields in the Empire when slashed.

In each match, the amount of food is an indispensable unit for you to develop. After reaching 3, you will have to have a certain amount of fields to ask for people and troops. That’s why the slashers will not forgive this number of fields of yours.

How to protect the floor when you have to fight?

How to repair fields in the empire when slashed

How to repair fields in the empire when slashed

As you all know to build a field (BF’s house) then:

– You are in life 2

– Closed BM’s house

Many of you are still wondering how to fix the field when it is slashed. To fish for a little more time before people have wheels or enough wood to build houses to avoid people being cut.

For those of you who don’t have the game, download the AOE empire strategy game here: Download Empire

How to fix a field when it’s slashed

– Step 1: You choose one or more farmers to fix (the more farmers, the faster it is).

Step 2: Friend press CHEAP on the keyboard Left click into the field that needs to be repaired

* Attention: The blood of the field is very low, so when repairing the field, remember to pay attention to the amount of blood. Avoid the case that people repair the fields and then stand and play

The more people repair, the faster it will be

Build fields against the guillotine

Anti-slash masters often draw fields with a distance of 1 BE from the main house to the field. To be able to close the BE in case the field cannot be repaired in time. This is also a very smart way of thinking, and avoids the situation of bug fixes that make the game error (or diss) pop out of the game.
Above are some experiences of in how to repair fields when being slashed in the AOE empire. Hope readers will accumulate more experience and forge skills to become a master of the AOE empire. You can also refer to the Important upgrade in the EmpireAOE if you want your people and troops to work and fight more effectively.

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