How to reduce ping LOL, reduce lag LOL

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The state of players complaining about lag in League of Legends is still happening and there are dozens of suggestions to reduce ping LOL. So what is the best option to reduce LOL ping, reduce LOL lag when participating in teamfights. will advise you through the article below.

There are many ways to help players can reduce ping LOL, reduce lag LOL at all times. However, not all methods are applicable and moreover, the reduction of high ping when playing games depends on your own network. In this article is not 100% sure that will help you to reduce high ping when playing gamesto the lowest level, but the following optimizations will partly help you limit the high battery and reduce the LOL ping when playing.

how to get rid of ping lol lol

How to reduce ping Lol. reduce lag LOL

Instructions on how to reduce ping LOL, reduce lag lag League of Legends

1. Get 100% bandwidth back for LOL

Basically on your computer always keep a little (20%) to serve the system’s Windows update. However, the game is not enough to play, so why worry about that Update. It is for such reasons to reduce ping LOL we should have 100% bandwidth efficiency.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is press Windows + CHEAP key combination up and enter it gpedit.msc to access the Local Group Policy Editor.

how to get rid of ping lol lol 2

Step 2: In the Local Group Policy Editor you access the path Local Computer Policy >Computer Configuration >Administrative Templates >Network >QoS Packet Scheduler and looking to the right will see a file called Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

how to get rid of ping lol lol 3

Step 3: Continue to double click Limit Reservable Bandwidth, choose Enable and at section Bandwith limit you change it to 0 (equivalent to 0%) and then OK to confirm this execution again. After this operation, you can get 100% of your bandwidth back.

how to get rid of ping lol lol 4

2. Use network cable when playing LOL

how to get rid of ping lol lol 5

To reduce LOL ping, using a wired network is the most practical solution that you need to do immediately. No matter how good your Wifi device is, getting the most stable connection to play League of Legends is very difficult. Not only the game League of Legends but any game from LOL, PUBG recommends using a network cable to play the game.

3. Turn off Unnecessary Services

On your computer, there are a lot of services running in the background, some of them automatically taking your bandwidth to serve the update of that particular application or system. Although it is good, if there are too many processes performing this operation, the game play will be affected. In this regard, has a tutorial on how to turn off Services on Windows 10, other operating systems can follow the same. See how turn off Services on Windows 10 Click here to find out what you should or shouldn’t turn off.

4. Using 3rd party software

Currently there are many 3rd party software that allow you to reduce ping LOL or other similar games. One of them is being trusted and used by gamers and is no other than WTFast. WTFast is a software that helps you reduce ping LOL, Dota or online games now. Helps you play games with the lowest latency available today.

how to stop ping lol lock lag lol 6

To download and use WTFast, readers can read how-to articles install WTFast right here. However, this software is free to use for a limited time and then you have to spend money to buy it, so please pay attention.

Above is a way to help you reduce ping LOL when playing. Network-related problems, although there are many ways to fix them, but the most important thing is still the quality of your network, if the area you live in is weak and intermittent, no matter how you use it, it still won’t give you good quality. Best quality when playing games.
To know if your League of Legends is in a good state, before playing we should check the ping LOL first. Currently has a way to check ping LOL Before playing the game, readers can refer to it here.

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