How to register to play before game Apex Legends Mobile

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Electronic Arts (EA) announced that Apex Legends will launch on mobile devices soon and the company has started researching and developing this project, now Apex Legends Mobile pre-registration has begun on many different platforms.

If you are a fan of the game Battle Royale Apex Legends, you register in advance for the mobile version, they will notify you as soon as possible. Apex Legends Mobile launch, including Apex Legends Mobile Beta (beta), may be the first to download and play.

How to register for game apex legends mobile

Pre-Register Apex Legends Mobile

Instructions to pre-register Apex Legends Mobile

Step 1: Allow your phone to install from unknown sources
– To enter Setting => Additional Installation => Private => Ash button allows installation at card Unknown Origin.

Reference: How to turn on unknown sources to install APK files

Step 2: Download and install the application APKPure

Reference: How to download and install APKPure

=> Link Download APKPure for Android
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Step 3: Register to play Apex Legends Mobile game
– Open the app APKPure, search Apex Legends
– Select game => click Pre-Register

how to register for apex legends mobile

– After registering to play Apex Legends Mobile game, a message like the picture below shows that you are done, now whenever the game is released, you will receive a Notice about it and later there you can download Apex Legend Mobile and play.
+ Note: If the app asks you to login after clicking Pre-Register, please use the account Google Play Store to do APKPure account.

How to register for game apex legends mobile
Above are all Apex Legends Mobile pre-game registration instructions for readers, do not forget that the game also has minimum device requirements to experience on Android and iOS, see details via the side link. under the Taimienphi.

Reference: Apex Legends Mobile gaming configuration for Android, iOS

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