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Speaking of Supercell, people will immediately remember Hay Day, Boom Beach or especially Clash of Clans, a great game is considered as the “money machine” of the company when continuously being on the top best game, bringing in the most revenue. Even at the charts World’s best mobile game 2015, Clash of Clans also contributed.

However, recently, the name CoC has temporarily subsided to make room for Clash Royale, its brother. Clash Royale appeared unexpectedly and impressively, a perfect combination between MOBA gameplay with real-time strategy game.

Download Clash Royale for iOS

Download Clash Royale for Android

This is also the most searched and played game in recent years. Capital is a miniature version, modeled after Clash of Clans, so the interface and “World Clash Royale” are also quite small and fixed.

How to play Clash Royale

In fact, it is new, but Clash Royale barely escapes the “shadow” of his brother when a series of characters in this game are present in Clash of Clans, such as: Archer, Goblin, Giant, PEKKA is good Valkyrie …

Upon entering the game, the player will see two parts of the field equally divided, the middle compartment is a river. The player cannot march on the side of the river (except when 1 of the 2 enemy towers is destroyed). To join the army, we choose the type of piece below according to the price of that piece and the amount of Elixir we have.

Start playing Clash Royale Wait for military recovery time

For example:

  • Military Archer costs 3 Elixir, Giant costs 5 Elixir, Witch costs 5 Elixir (this Elixir number is shown on the same card of that card type).
  • After each use, the card will disappear and the card in the Next section (next) will be replaced. And only when enough Elixir can be used.

Players will have to calculate to use what kind, when, how reasonably to win. In particular, if one of the two defensive towers of the opponent is destroyed, the player can leave the army right next to the “opponent’s yard”, near the tower that has just been destroyed. Destroying all 3 towers or the main tower (in the middle) wins.

For each tower destroyed, the player will be notified in the next crown.

Attack Wins

For each win, the winner gets rewarded with gift chests (wooden, silver or gold) depending on the level of the table.

Wooden chests reward Silver chest

Wooden chests can be opened as soon as 15 seconds, chests later take longer to open (silver chests take up to 3 hours to use). At the end of the waiting time, chests that are eligible to use will be yellow (Open), click to open them to receive gifts and at the same time select the next chest to activate.

If the chests are not activated, the time limit expires, the chests cannot be used.

Open the wooden chest Time to open silver chests

Click the chest shown in yellow (Open) to open it

The times to open chests are different, but the rewards are also different, it can be a new card (Bayby Dragon, Mini PEKKA, Valkyrie …) construction cards (provide defensive or offensive constructions such as: Inferno, Bomb, Cannon or X-bow – purple, extremely rare and valuable cards). In addition, there are also gold coins (Gold) or gems (Gems) to open chests, upgrade troops.

Gifts in wooden chest Clash 12 qua go - Emergenceingame

The more valuable a chest, the greater the gift and the value both in quantity and quality (increasing with the level of the chest, from wood – silver – gold). Since this is a real-time strategy game, in order to use it, we also need to wait for the specified amount of time, if you want to open it for immediate use, you can use Gems (opening a wooden chest takes 5 tablets, a chest Silver 18 tablets …).

Open the silver chest Gifts in chest

The more players win, the more chances they will get chests, receive gifts and gain more experience points to upgrade existing units. Each upgrade will cost a certain amount of gold (this amount of gold also increases with the level of upgraded troops.

For example:

Upgrading level 1 troops costs 5 gold, level 2 troops cost 20 gold …

Upgrading troops Index increased

The number of units after upgrading will increase higher

Since each player has a maximum of 8 cards, if you want to use additional cards, you need to carefully calculate and replace it with an existing card in the formation. The way to replace the pieces is as follows:

  • Touch Cards icon to display the list of troops.
  • Touch the piece you want to use, Use.
  • Touch on any piece in the lineup to be replaced.
  • When their positions are swapped it is successful.

Use new pieces Choose a substitute Successfully changed

You can choose to go to Info to view information and stats about that type of unit

Each game will only have 3 minutes. Winning will be calculated as follows:

Win live (within 3 minutes):

  • Destroy the main tower (in the middle) of the opponent.
  • Destroyed all 3 towers.

Indirect wins – Sudden Death (out of 3 minutes):

  • After 3 minutes, if both sides are tied about the number of destroyed towers, the game will give you an additional 1 minute called Sudden Death – Sudden Death. This means that in 1 minute of “injury time”, the player who destroys any other tower first, he or she will win.
  • And if the Sudden Death time expires and the results are still the same, the game will be counted as a draw, no one will win.

Playing time

Explain some more icons below:

TV icon (rightmost): allows players to watch the battles of other players. This is a very interesting and interesting feature, not only showing how to play, whose forte, but also showing experience, how to coordinate and the ability to calculate when using pieces for each battle, so that learn and accumulate more knowledge for yourself.

Review another battle

  • 2 swords icon (Battle): On behalf of the battlefield, click here to enter competition.
  • Cards icon (Cards): List of card cards.
  • Icon chest (Shop): Gold coins, gems …


There are also some emoticon quite funny for the player to provoke, show off to the opponent by clicking on the 3-dot icon that appears next to his Elixir bar.


The above is a tutorial on how to play the basic game Clash Royale, hopefully with this guide, players can easily join and experience this great game.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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