How to receive free Sport Day Event PUBG Mobile gifts

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Sport Day Event is available in PUBG Mobile after being updated to version 0.15.0, join the game now to run, race, swim and get lots of free rewards from the event.

In today’s article, Taimienphi will guide you through some tricks to get the rewards from the event. Sports Day PUBG Mobile Simplest and fastest. Stay tuned for more cool tricks.

How to register via sport day event pubg mobile

Sport Day Event PUBG Mobile

The fastest way to receive free Sport Day Event PUBG Mobile gifts

To celebrate Sports Day, PUBG Mobile brings players Sport Day Event along with 0.15.0 update. Gamers can join the event by clicking on the current Event box icon on the right side of the screen and going to the Time Limited => Sport Day tab.

How to register via sport day event pubg mobile 2

In particular, you can complete the daily missions given by the event and earn rewards like skin boxes and battle points. Below is a list of tasks that you must complete. Your total distance traveled for all three categories will be recorded on the right panel, which will be updated regularly every day.
– Swim a total of 2000m.
– Run a total of 5000m sprint.
– Move the vehicle board a total of 5000m.

How to register via sport day event pubg mobile 3

Daily mission will reset at midnight (00:00 every day), so remember to collect your rewards before reset. You can ride in a vehicle driven by someone else, and they will still count. Also, you can only complete these missions in Classic mode and Arcade mode (not including War Mode). This event will only run from October 16 to October 25, so get in the game now and get some exercise.

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PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update is a system-wide update, bringing major game changes like BRDM-2, Gas Can, Ledge Grab, Desert Eagle, and a brand new Payload mode. You can consult PUBG Mobile update details 0.15.0 by Taimienphi here.

Desert Eagle is a gun with very high accuracy, damage and rate of fire in the pistol series. The Desert Eagle’s magazine capacity is up to 10 rounds and they can knock down the opponent with just 2 to 3 bullets stuck in the body. Desert Eagle PUBG Mobile Gun very dangerous if it falls into the hands of professional shooters, and you will have to be more careful if you play PUBG Mobile.

Link to download PUBG Mobile game
PUBG Mobile is a shooting game with the same number of players participating as Call of Duty Mobile, Apex Legends. PUBG Mobile is constantly being updated, appearing with many new features and maps that make players feel excited, not bored.
– Link to download version 0.15.0: PUBG Mobile 0.15.0

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