“Crazy island” before the beauty of the three great beauties Thien Long Sword

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After 10 days of intense calling for votes, recently, on the fanpage of Heavenly Dragon Sword officially announced the list of 3 beauties who won the contest “Beautiful beauty”.

Accordingly, the title of Miss of the contest belongs to the beauty Uyêη°βo° with a total score of 1538 points in both rounds, the runner-up belongs to the beauty ༄༂Vk•Nam༂࿐ with a score of 1386 points. and finally 2nd runner-up is MR.C with 974 points. All three contestants are considered to be female gamers who are not only beautiful but also have the ability to play games among the top of the current server.


However, based on the results this time, many gamers feel regret for the throne of A Khoi 1 when she possesses an innocent and innocent beauty that far exceeds Hoa Khoi’s season. However, in a contest, there will still be winners and losers, no matter how beautiful they are but do not receive support from the audience, they will still have to receive a pitiful ending.

Hoa Khoi: Uyêη°βo° with a difference of 1538

A Khoi 1 belongs to Vk•Nam༂࿐ with 1286 points

A Khoi 2 belongs to MR.C with 974 points

Obviously, with such a contest exclusively for women, men will not be quiet. Even the girls’ vote mobilization is largely thanks to these guys themselves, putting in effort to invite a vote from other gamers. Also, right after the event announced the results, many spectators expressed satisfaction with the results that BTC had given.

See the beauty of the three greats Thien Long Sword beauty I just realized that this is the place to stop for a series of beauties “tilting the water into the city”, both beautiful and talented, and playing very good games.

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