How to raise honey bees in Minecraft 1.19

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To raise honey bees in the game Minecraft 1.19 is not easy if you do not know how, the content of this article, will guide you how to raise bees for honey in the most detailed way.

In Minecraft, players can collect and use many different types of resources for different purposes such as crafting, leveling up, … . That includes honey nice redstone redstone.

bee nest in Minecraft 1.19

Guide to beekeeping in Minecraft 1.19

How to raise honey bees in Minecraft 1.19

1. Find and get the hive

The first step in the overall process of beekeeping for honey in Minecraft 1.19 is to find a nest that is naturally created. Normally, naturally created hives will include 3 bees in them.

This is considered the hardest step because outside of grassland biomes, only about 5% of hives are created on oak or birch trees when these trees grow near flowering areas.

After finding the hive, the next step you need to do is to use the Silk Touch tool to destroy and move these hives. There is a small caveat that bees will return to the hive at night or when it rains, so choose these times to destroy the hive and make sure all the bees are inside. Besides, destroying the hive without the help of the Silk Touch tool can cause all the bees in it to fall off or can attack you again.

How to keep bees in Minecraft 1.19

If you don’t have the Silk Touch tool, you have to wait for the honeycomb to reach level 5 (the honeycomb shape will change for players to easily recognize). Use scissors to cut and harvest 3 bees, from which to make a hive. Remember to place a campfire 4-5 blocks below to heat and harvest honey.

2. Create a honey farm in Minecraft

How to create a honey farm in Minecraft is quite simple, just put the hive and arrange flowers around it and then wait. Here’s how you can scale up your production:

2.1. Beekeepers

Use any type of flower (including 2-block flowers and dried roses) to attract and breed bees. When bees suck nectar from flowers, they will go into love and reproduction mode and give birth to baby bees. This will increase the number of bees, helping you to increase the farm size.

Harvesting bees in Minecraft 1.19

2.2. Create a hive

You can create a hive using 6 planks and 3 bees (can be obtained from normal hives). Also, as mentioned earlier, you will have to wait for the hive to reach level 5 before you can use the campfire to heat the hive and harvest honey.

Harvest bees in Minecraft

Functionally, the hive and the hive are the same, and you just have to repeat the process to create many different hives. This hive differs from a natural hive in that it can be harvested without the Silk Touch tool, but must appease nearby bees.

2.3. Improve bee performance

Bees are only active during the day and should be on non-rainy days, so you can improve bee performance by moving them to the Nether or End. Also don’t forget to place flowers nearby so bees can collect pollen and return to the hive as quickly as possible.

3. Harvest honey

You will have to wait until the honeycomb level reaches level 5. When the honey is full, the hive will change shape so you know when to harvest.

To start harvesting honey, you need a glass bottle and a pair of scissors. Use scissors to cut the hive into honeycombs (can be used to design the hive as you like) and use a glass bottle to store honey.

The best way to harvest honey is to use glass bottle tools or scissors made from redstone. This is to avoid angering the bees and attacking you again. Or else you’ll have to make a campfire underneath the hive to appease them.

Besides, Redstone is also one of the rare ores. If you are looking for a way to earn Redstone in Minecraft 1.19, readers can refer to the article below and apply accordingly..

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4. How to use honey in Minecraft

Honey is a great way to detox in Minecraft. Unlike milk, honey does not remove other buffs or debuffs, and can be used to craft sugar or honey blocks.

Dungeons in Minecraft

Honey blocks are sticky transparent blocks that can slow down entities, and deal 80% less damage when dropped and drag adjacent blocks + creatures when moving with pistons.
Above has just instructed you in detail how to raise honey bees in Minecraft 1.19. Besides, readers can refer to some existing articles on to learn more about how to earn Redstone in Minecraft 1.19.

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