How to play the basic Sparkling Star game for beginners

Sparkling star is a fashion and dating mobile game that has just been released not long ago, but has won the “hearts” of gamers, especially female gamers. The game will lead you from being a “normal” person to becoming a “star” in the showbiz world. Next, you will go to find out the secrets behind the glamorous life of an idol in the hearts of young people.

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If you are a beginner Sparkling Star then you will not be able to ignore the following article of EmergenceInGame to be able to grasp the basic principles of the game.

Step 1: Please open the game Sparkling Stars on your phone. First, to be able to play, you need to register an account. If you don’t want to register an account, you can choose Come in now to play forever.

Come in now

Step 2: Next, choose a server to play the game on

Choose a gaming server

Step 3: Then press Begin to play and set up nick for your character

Start the game Set up nick name

Step 4: Please click action Wake up of the character and then press Skip The plot is told later.

Wake up Skip

Step 5: You will participate in a beauty contest with other female characters to receive rewards and fame if you win.

Beauty contest Victory

Step 6: In the Companion In the main game interface, appear your friend characters, each of whom will have different special abilities to support you.

Companion item

Step 7: The Job section will help your character get EXP, Gold and Energy for the day.


Step 8: Also, you can change your character’s costume

Change clothes

Have fun playing the game!

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