PUBG Mobile 2.3: New features in Aftermath 2.0

PUBG Mobile 2.3: New features in Aftermath 2.0

The highly anticipated apocalyptic Aftermath 2.0 map in PUBG Mobile 2.3.

Aftermath 2.0 was introduced in January as Livik. But players want a post-apocalyptic themed map that retains the appeal of wars and destruction in the original version. It is highly anticipated in the enhanced map in PUBG Mobile 2.3.

Overall, Aftermath 2.0 has some significant design changes, but the gameplay will still be retained. The player also lands on a small island and tries to be the last survivor so it survives before the power district swallows the whole island.

Game developers mainly change the features in this game. But this also makes this post-apocalyptic map survival game more intense and exciting.

Here are a bunch of new features that many gamers are looking forward to in Aftermath 2.0.

Item spawn rate increased

PUBG Mobile 2.3: New features in Aftermath 2.0

Appearance rate in Aftermath 2.0 increased. Players can loot many high-end items inside secret bunkers around the map while the small houses also have better items. That leads to many gunfights taking place earlier when the player has received the desired amount of items.

Weapon Upgrade

PUBG Mobile 2.3: New features in Aftermath 2.0

Tencent allows players to increase the DMG of all weapons in Aftermath. Furthermore, each weapon can be upgraded 2 times with a 10% increase in DMG. You can buy these upgrade sets from vendors for 15 dong a set. After this update, players should look for level 3 armors and play more carefully as every shot of the upgraded weapon can take your life.

Upgrade your armor

If you can’t find level 3 armor, it’s important to use Armor shards to strengthen your armor. As weapon damage increases due to weapon customizers, the damage you receive will be higher. As a result, armor boosters become essential to saving your life in this post-apocalyptic map right now.

Armor pieces brought from Metro Royale mode to this map. Therefore, many players know how to use it proficiently. You can use two pieces of armor for level 2 armor and three pieces for level 3 armor. The rarer the armor set, the better.

Military bunker

PUBG Mobile 2.3: New features in Aftermath 2.0

The new military vaults in Aftermath 2.0 have tons of premium items. But players need to completely clear AI guardians and enemies to compete for these precious items. AI bots usually use weak guns, but you have to be careful because your gun sounds can still attract other players.

After fierce battles, players can loot some premium items in these mysterious vaults. So, try to perform well and win against both bodyguard AI and rival players if any.

New items

PUBG Mobile 2.3: New features in Aftermath 2.0

New red energy drink will help restore your HP. This item is better than the old blue energy drink. Besides, there is a new First Kit that can fully heal the HP bar while the old one can only restore 75% of the bar.

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